This gadget can instantly decant wine

– [Jake] My video team is super
interested in the product. – Yeah! – Here is the problem,
we need a bottle of wine. (electronic music) Okay, we have a strange request. (upbeat music) We’re here with the Aven Wine Aerator, and basically if you
want to aerate your wine, instead of pouring it in the decanter and waiting several hours, your
supposed to just be able to put this on the neck of the wine, pour it, and it will be able to
aerate it the equivalent of anywhere from one to 24 hours. So the aerator has super simple interface, you just choose how many hours you want it to aerate it by tapping. You you an go as high as
24 hours worth of aeration in a pour. It’s an equivalent, so you
know it’s sorta hard to test if it’s actually going to give you a precise 24 hours worth of aeration. But the company has an
app that is supposed to kinda estimate for you
how much you should aerate the given bottle of wine you’re
about to pour it through, and you just do that by taking
a photo of the bottle of wine it’ll analyze what you’re pouring, and then give you a recommendation about what you should set it to. But it’s really easy
to control on your own, you can kinda just dial
in your preference. So we have two glasses of wine here, this one has been aerated for
the equivalent of few hours, this one is fresh outta the bottle. I’m gonna taste ’em both, see
if I can tell the difference, I am not great with wine, so we’ll see. But it should be interesting. I guess I’m gonna go
with the regular first. I can’t describe, it has wine smell, I would say it’s like a good
one, as far as that goes. This does smell different, it’s– I don’t think this smells as strong, it’s like, a lighter smell. Yeah, dang, what the heck, man? This might be working. The smell is just like, mostly gone, it’s like not there as much. Straight outta the bottle first. (upbeat music) Ooh, man, the front of that
tastes fine, and then it– That’s much more pleasant,
that’s, this is the aerated one, it tastes much more pleasant. This one was like, very sour, this one, I think the sourness is gone on this one. I was extremely skeptical of
this, I’m less skeptical now. I mean, listen, I’m not a wine expert, I wanna make that very clear. But this one is definitely
much, much smoother than this one, and it literally just like went through this aerator
before we poured it, so that’s pretty neat. So the Aven Aerator is gonna
launch on Indiegogo in march, it’ll sell for $100, and it’s
supposed to start shipping in June, so you could
be aerating your wine with this thing by the summer. Our producer says it’s strong and bold, it’s got some Malbec, some uh,
I can’t remember what else. No. – That was wrong.
– Hold on!

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