Top 10 Things Not To Drink While Cycling

Hello? Yep. No, I’m out on a ride. Yep, I’ll
call you back love. It’s OK, I’m fine. Alright, see you later. Bye! Here’s GCN’s Top 10 things not to drink on
a bike. Soup The bicycle, as wonderful a device as it is,
is no place for proper soup consumption. Matt, why have you brought soup? In a bowl? Couldn’t put it in a bidon could I? It’s all
chunky! Chunky vegetable. I forgot all my bread rolls. Matt, come on. A man of your experience – how
are you still forgetting stuff? I know…I’ve brought my fork as well! Oh cheers Si, thanks very much. Mmm, that’s gorgeous! Beer Just because beer is the world’s most consumed
alcoholic beverage and indeed the third most consumed drink of all, behind water and tea,
this doesn’t give you enough reason to use it as a rehydration aid out on the road. I do like a good, creamy head. Same here. *If you like Piña Colada*
*And getting caught in the rain* This exotic, tropical rum-based cocktail has
been the official beverage of Puerto Rico since 1978 and was made even more famous by
the song ‘The Escape’, better known as the ‘The Piña Colada Song’. *…I’m the love that you’ve looked for, write
to me and escape…Ooo hoo hoo hoo!* Supersize Coke Musettes can sometimes be full of surprises… Hope there’s a cheeky little coke in there,
Si. What have we got? …but a supersize coke certainly isn’t something
you’d expect to find. What the heck is that? Or the bucket, as it’s commonly known in cinemas
throughout the world. Not on the open roads. It’s really nice though. Oh! Champagne Unless you’re the winner of a Grand Tour celebrating with teammates whilst being snapped by the world’s press, quaffing champagne
whilst out on your racer is simply just showing off and winning a Strava segment won’t quite
cut it either. Cheers Matt. To Strava. To talent! Tea from a pot I’m about to blow. I need a bottle alright,
can you get me a bottle? Nowhere in the history books has there been
any mention of tea being taken out on a ride. Ah god. Sorry Si, I’ve had a 10km chase. Lloydy
wanted crumpets! Seriously Matt, if you’re going to be a domestique,
you’re going to have to get a little bit fitter, alright? If this is Earl Grey then you’re probably
in luck. I thought you wanted breakfast tea? Oh for god’s sake Matt! That’s what Lloydy
wants, Lloydy likes breakfast tea! Milkshake A little bit overboard with the straws, Matt. Well it’s all in the preparation, I just wanted
to make it an occasion. A milkshake’s a treat, it’s something to look forward to. It takes
you back to your childhood, to your youth, and I’ve done my best! Well, you can only do your best, Matt. Do you want some of mine? No! Coffee I could really, really do with a coffee right
now. The café is not for miles. We all know that coffee is best taken when
sat down and I don’t mean in the saddle. Legend! Si, do you take sugar? I do actually. We’re well aware of coffee’s addictive
qualities – just don’t let it get to you that much. It must be like the coffee equivalent of sous-vide
– it’s just been cooking gently at 37.5ºC in your back pocket. There’s explosions on the back of my tongue,
Si. That might be something else, Matt. Power Smoothie Well, how do we get one of those? Luckily, I came prepared. All I need – and I didn’t bring one with me
– is a blender. You couldn’t sort me out with one, could you? Yeah, hang on a sec. Cheers Si, thanks very much! I just need myself something else. Hello? Yep. No, I’m out on a ride. Feel a bit more prepared now, Si, so let’s
give it a plunge. Fresh as the driven snow, sir. Oh, cheers Matt! Hearty and nutritious… Oh we’re not moving! …and we haven’t even stopped. That is amazing. I feel like Chris Froome! Fizzy drinks in your bidon. Carbonated drinks have carbon dioxide dissolved
into them, and as such are held in vessels designed specifically to withstand the resulting
pressure. Not a bidon. Unless you want a small, sticky explosion
a couple of minutes into your training. Oh yeah… The golden stuff I’ve sliced my pineapple, I’m happy to go
in. Let’s give it a plunge. I can’t get the pineapple out mate. We’ll get one for you later!

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