Trying TJ MAXX Makeup For The First Time

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel hi how are ya now in today’s video cool I am so scared this is
probably gonna be one of the most scariest videos on my channel today
we’re going to TJ Maxx! I haven’t been at TJ MAXX in 10 years now bitch I used to
shop at pic n’ save.. at Ross in high school I was dripping in Ross girl you
could not find me anywhere else but it’s been a few years since I’ve entered on
that route and today I am going to dive into the t.j.maxx realm and see what
kind of makeup they have there now I’ve heard a few rumors from some friends of
mine that TJ maxx is where all my ex friends go to die no I can’t confirm
that but today we’re gonna do some investigating and we’re gonna see what
kind of products are there what brands have been sent there for their graveyard
and then I’m gonna come back home and try as much of it as I can handle on my
face so we’re gonna do a full face of TJ Maxx and makeup but before we dive into
that I have a quick little giveaway I want to share with you guys so let’s
talk now for today’s giveaway it is very simple let me show you the prizes
everybody now first of all we are going to be giving away two of the morphe
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now when are we gonna announce the giveaway winner the giveaway will be
ending on February 25th and that winners will be announced on my Twitter and
snapchat if you’re watching this in the future I’m so sorry but it’ll be very
very many giveaways in the future alright now let’s get to t.j.maxx and
that’s play from me alright so it almost started to snow right before we started
filming if you saw me on snapchat or edgy stories you saw that sleet and hail
on my robe so I thought the apocalypse was already here and now we’re about to
enter the freeway if you want to take a quick peek and if we can zoom way in the
distance it might take us a minute to get to old TJ Maxx girl because the
traffic’s vicious alright so since we have some time before we get there I
have heard a few things about what we’re about to embark on a lot of people said
be careful because there’s no testers and TJ Maxx so I guess you guys there’s
a used makeup in there allegedly and we have to watch for the seals because
there’s people that will like open the packaging and test it and then put it
back I’m like girl come on so we’re just gonna make sure that everything’s sealed
and good because I don’t want you know whooping cough or pinkeye so we’re gonna
be really careful today Chris and Zach if you guys shot the t.j.maxx ever
I used to shop at TK Maxx in England okay why a lot of people told me that
and I thought they were kidding yeah people overseas were like we have TK
Maxx and I’m like J and K are like close to each other an alphabet what’s going
on yeah have you been there’s that commission t.j.maxx well first time for
everything I don’t know why it’s called that maybe someone can enlighten us
please of why the letters are switched overseas but um I have no idea but we’re
about to exit traffic is crazy and let’s see what happens
oh-ho I see the sign TJ Maxx and Ross my old stomping grounds
work we’re filming for my channel right now huh we’re going in TJ Maxx to try a
full face and makeup today so good meeting you though bye babe
mama so cute okay we’re gonna go round and let’s see what happens here oh my
god let’s find some parking excuse me ma’am well I just got cussed out in the
parking lot already by a mom with an infant and I didn’t even do anything
wrong all right this day is yeah Jen hi nice to meet you so nice to
meet you I’m shaking because I’m that girl I’m dying cuz in my video where I
followed ten amazos makeup desta’s this isn’t my video this is expensive water
so we’re gonna have to grab this okay I don’t have anywhere to put my Himalayan
Birkin so we’re just gonna set her there right now
okay so expensive water we’re gonna get hurt oh girl this looks like it was used
and then put on sale used again and then put on sale obviously about to be shady
if a brand has overstock a product they do get sent to TJ Maxx and Marshalls so
you know I live for elf bitch so elf what are you doing over here girl
bubble mask marshmallow soothing mask this has been opened but I’m still gonna
take it home and see what happens okay I’m gonna take the risk
okay so let’s find the make up she told me it was around the corner Oh party
pallets right here positions for me a lot good for you or this Dior oh it is a
not to your girl I’ve never even heard of this brand before okay
I mean makeup revolution I love them give it a whirl what shade is this let’s
try it okay you know you know honest Accio is one of my best friends and girl
I’m grabbing a contour okay here alright they they probably had so many contour
kits in the world they’re like let me just sprinkle some to t.j.maxx in this
thing okay let’s go in the main makeup I’ll
we’re gonna try to find as many items as you can look at the black shit what’s
good huh what is this brand seven I have
never heard of my life loved positions forming last will grab her trying to
find foundation was literally one bottle the fuck
let’s keep it moving here oh we have a lip balm come on sweet orange pepper okay
there’s makeup brushes here oh japonesque ain’t bad oh my god there’s
Real Techniques sponge is in here these actually work really cute $12.99 okay
come on expensive for the store let’s do it oh my god a blackhead remover Oh blemish tool okay I’m not seeing lip
products and foundation really so we’re gonna have to investigate what’s over
here I’ll be over here I found gold in t.j.maxx oh my god
24 karat gold under eye masks I’m getting this for me inmate huh there’s
only one how many are in here we’re sharing thought it now there’s literally
three foundation colors here people you see that she said this was the folk
seasoning she said this was the UM only thing left pure brightening serum
foundation so I’m this this color is called porcelain it’s probably too light
because it’s shade zero one so we’re just gonna do a little piece here Oh what in okay I’m not gonna test this in
a store that is so not okay so let’s just cut it for a laugh yeah there’s
literally one foundation shade for me alright you guys I think I got enough
products to try out a lot of the face it’s a little bare bones here so let’s
go try to check out and then home alright so let’s see what the grand
total is gonna be we got a lot of good stuff so let’s see what happened grandpa
what is 102 10 all right pleasure to meet you thank you so much
after you Stan hi we are back in the studio we are
officially home and baby I got my bag now before we even dive in I’m already
gonna use this hi so this was $9.99 usually it’s like $14 or more I’ve seen
this for $20 but baby t.j.maxx has the exclusive price point so let’s just do a
little hydration I’m scared of my own name something happens I’m gonna happen
to me oh my god that like a really shot out at me oh it’s like a geyser
okay my skin is glistening with water oh my god I miss put too much on okay so
let’s start digging in this bag let’s see what the hell happened
so my grand total came out to a hundred and two dollars in 10 cents not bad that
California tax though is vicious the most expensive item we got is 1699
everything else was below $8 work okay so we have the real technique sponges
I’m just gonna pull out everything and we’ll see what we’re gonna do today now
I’ve never heard of this brand before Nicole Miller impeccable color palette
is designed to flatter every skin tone this was $5.99 allegedly it’s not tested
on animals it’s made in China and it says for adult use only let’s see what
else is in this bag the eye patches should we get Nate appear to try these
in a second I know he’s eating right now but maybe I’ll slap some on myself for a
quick laughter brushes remember this was open so let’s see if the marshmallow
soothing mask has been used or not I can’t imagine someone going into a store
and actually using a mask and then leaving no fully knew I think we got
lucky mmm it smells kind of good okay I’m gonna use this later we all know
there was no primer sadly there so I’m just gonna anything that I don’t have
I’m just gonna like skip our used on my you know so obviously we have one
foundation I am so scared of that by the way but we are about to see what is
going to happen all right so I’m just gonna pry my skin we obviously have no
primer at t.j.maxx so we’re just gonna go in with my trusted and tried Bobby
Brown enriched vitamin face base all right so we’re gonna try this goal
over here 24 karat gold under eye masks contains five masks okay so we can
definitely share place one mask under each eye be careful to avoid eye contact
leave on for 15 minutes oh my god girl okay I’m gonna open this up and pray
don’t spill and squirt all over me Oh cutlet all right guys here we go
this feels like a wet jellyfish I fucking me that’s really what’s
happening here girl are you gonna stick to my skin or do I gotta sue it looks
pretty though what is that a little tear for my nail already oh wow look at that
it took slime oh my god okay guys this is what’s happening here all right we
got 15 minutes to kill I’m hungry oh well not that smell hits your nose girl
all right grab our little Hermes spoon all right while we’re sitting here let’s
try out the only foundation shade they had in stock the bare minerals now I’ve
never used a foundation before pure brightening serum foundation with SPF 20
oh boy shake drop and buff one or two drops of foundation into your face brush
oh all right let’s just watch this cuz if this is gonna make me look ridiculous
we are not doing this on my skin oh my god that sounds like fucking water oh wow
for being this is shade zero one oh and it might not be that bad should we try
it huh did I just pick my right shade the only option mm-hmm what shade y’all
oh my god that really might work I’m sure all right y’all it’s been 15
minutes I don’t know what the hell this did let’s pray it hydrated okay it’s
said to rub the juices into the skin that’s what I normally do I don’t know
if it tilts hydrate it feels kind of like maybe a little let’s see what
happens I’m afraid makeup on gold right now but okay that foundation
look like a perfect match I don’t know how they literally had three bottles of
foundation in that entire store so if this really matches oh this is gonna be
good no it did say to use a brush on the box
so we will do half the face with this Real Techniques sponge and then the
other half we will grab our json’ foundation brush and we will do that as
well so like lordy this is a weird applicator I guess we’re supposed to
squeeze it one or two drops so I put that full coverage I don’t want to go
ham so let’s just see what happens we’ll do a little little test right here smells like makeup nothing out of the
ordinary here why does that like really match me what the hell
TJ Maxx is like we heard you’re gonna do this video girl okay let’s just blend
this into the skin don’t forget the ear bitch never forget
the air now it’s very luminous it’s definitely a
little on the shear side but it’s actually kind of pretty I’m like what is
avid IgG let’s do the neck without ruining my outfit which let’s pray for
that I’ll just go right down the neck oh my god I’m so scared of this oh why did
I wear white today let’s try putting it over my tattoo a little bit and see how
it looks okay I must want to do a second layer because this is a sponge it did
absorb some of the product so let’s just do it a little bit more in my face right
here there we go alright so here is the blended outside with the sponge and here
is reality I will say this is really pretty I’m like a little shook about it
so let’s take the morphe Geoffrey json’ size Queen brush and let’s give it a
whirl and see what the hell is gonna happen over here let’s see what happens
oh wow I already tell that it has more coverage with the brush which I live for
if you’re someone that just loves using a brush to apply your foundation not to
toot my own horn but you really should try this because it blends like a dream
streak-free and baby it is everything I’m getting a lot of emails bitch
where’s the restock it is coming very soon maybe a few days maybe not I will
announce it very soon on social media of course ok back to the review this is
definitely a lot more heavy on this side it’s really shiny almost like I’m
sweating with the sponge it’s not that bad it’s
still a little luminous but girl it almost looks way too oily right now
I’m little shook about it and this was about 3 to 4 drops so maybe with the
brush I applied too much but you know we’ll see how it settles in a minute
alright I’m just gonna follow my normal steps like I would now there was no
concealer there so I’m just gonna grab a concealer real quick well just go in
with Fenty really fast and just buff this out this foundation is so weird
it’s not drying like I thought it would it’s kind of like no no interesting all right I have never looked this dewy
in my life I can’t wait to get some setting powder on my skin God lord help
me I’m gonna go in with the Chanel universal loose powder and girl we’re
just gonna dip right in with this Real Techniques sponge let’s go right under
the eye and pray that this mats down a little bit cuz girl this is nuts the
powder is almost like darker than this foundation that’s so weird
by the way she knows an Ulta now does everyone know that little shook all
right so let’s just press this in all over we’re put the concealer the
foundation when this setting powder is on top of it is also kind of nice I’m
like huh all right work alright now we’re gonna go in and with Anasazi
Beverly Hills contour kit I use this on my channel when it first came out a
while ago I love it and it’s 1699 so this was the most expensive item there
as you guys know this retails for like 27 plus dollars so you definitely got a
steal on that I already know this formula very well I love it
I would always go in with this shade this under the eye is really pretty but
right here let’s just contour these cheeks bitch let’s give it a whirl I like this formula because it blends
really easy as you see that took like one second and it just goes on the skin
so girl if you find this at t.j.maxx it is a good find
alright bitch we are sculpting this face and if anything is too harsh I’m just
taking a little brush right here and we’re just going into this top left one
and just kind of am softening her up I contour her alright now if you see this
right here those are my glasses the mark of the glasses I could asked a lot how
do you fix that well if you put makeup on after the dents you kind of screw
herself like I did but hey I had to review this now moving on there wasn’t
much highlighting going on at t.j.maxx today so we’ve grabbed the makeup
revolution candy Queen of Hearts at triple baked blusher which I know has
some highlight to it this looked like it was kind of already open let’s
investigate Oh No there it is okay it might be a little
too dark for me let’s give it a little finger swatch okay I really thought
there was gonna be some highlight in there but it looks little ashy and we
also have the Physicians Formula ultra nourishing argan oil powder that is
allegedly giving me a luxurious radiant glow mm-hmm I’ll see about that I have
never tried this before but I don’t know what to expect maybe one side physicians
one side makeup oh whoa whoa whoa whoa there’s a fingerprint on this my hands
have no makeup right we could all contest to that bitch what the fuck is
that I open that and that already looked like that people warned me online
Jeffery people test these okay there’s another one over here okay let’s open it
okay that looks new let’s check the powder has it been squashed by a finger
no it looks perfect I’m gonna do it let’s use it it looks new like come on
you guys fuck it was right okay so the sparkle that was just in that middle
Center is now evaporated how’s the glow be honest I don’t want to look
you’re happy what is it not blinding let me try again
the brush is coated don’t try me hello moving on let’s try this one yes
let’s try different brush Kate got it that’s coated okay that has to look like
something this foundation is disgusting
actually like it’s been you know that up close this is looking a little rough
like I really thought the foundation was sickening the house but really zooming
on my look at that oh my god and that’s not the brush or the sponge I’m so sorry
alright I want to zoom in a little bit here this is like usually you can take
the sponge on manipulate product back I think it’s the foundation like look at
that like girl that is rough right there oh my god Zuma I’m insecure okay I looks
like I went outside for like five hours with some sunglasses on on this side and
then I like took them off and it’s like what the fuck man why me first of all
this is too dark for me I know there’s lighter shades in this formula but like
it kind of didn’t do much so okay okay we’re gonna move on because I don’t know
what to say about that one I’m truly really just shook about that okay so
moving on let’s do eyes eye shadow we got a few moments this we got this
guy and we got some other ones but this is like the main the main thing so let’s
prime our eyes like we do in every single review on this channel with the
Mac painterly paint-pot eye primer we’re just gonna coat our entire lids and brow
bone area you guys I really want to do a video where I grow out my eyebrows but
that would take weeks and I don’t know if I could hang that long but I may try
cuz it’s been I don’t know 15 years since I’ve had actual brows I’m really
scared he’ll be able to look but I want to give it a go so let me know wait just
feel about that alright these lids are primed is this eyeshadow palette gonna
work there was not a lot of options there so we’re gonna give this the world
let’s dive in to be pretty shimmer eyeshadow palette okay let’s see
what is going to happen now it says shimmer palette even though there’s a
lot of matte shades in here so that’s a little weird but we’re gonna give it a
whirl right now so we’re gonna go in with the J s6 more feet Jeffrey brush
and we’re just gonna hit this shade right up here kind of smells like the
bad baby palette not bad but let’s see what happens I feel like I’m being played okay I’m
putting so much on the brush ready okay it’s kind of there
it’s going with a coochie brush this is t.j.maxx okay let’s bring it let’s bring
a good cheap eyeshadow brush of the mix here miss thing I’m gonna go in with
this a little those do this color a beautiful little orange and let’s see
what happens hmm
you know what’s crazy it’s not the worst shadow in the world I’ve seen worse wear
it like really evaporates in thin air this has a little bit of color I wish it
was a little richer it feels kind of dry like I could already tell the formula
from you know I I make eye shadows right this is the type of shadow that may fade
after like 30 minutes I don’t know that officially but just
the way I’m seeing it apply it’s not sticking to the skin that great but it
doesn’t look the worst so let me match the other side and let’s keep going now
we’re gonna go with the js5 blending brush and let’s deepen this eye a little
bit let’s go over here top right and let’s see what we got going on over here
all right the brush looks coated let’s see how it applies on the eye not bad I
don’t know what to expect yeah it’s pretty light I’m actually
looking in the mirror like a girl I have to stop lying to myself like bitch this
is a little sheer okay I don’t know what’s happening I’m so confused I used
my own primer and then the foundation maybe it’s that but on this side it like
itches right here where it’s separating so I’m like should I be panic should I
be worried like I really don’t know I’ve like keep balancing this over it too
like it shit and it’s not oh you guys I’ve been doing makeup for so long when
you take a sponge and you barely do that that should not happen I’m horrified the
house I’m gonna take this foundation brush again
so you doesn’t have any product though let it drop or should I keep moving I
mean this looks horrifying I’m gonna take a tiny bit I’m afraid what is the
eggs this could be expired honestly the foundation could be expired
oh my god I have a huge mean greed like that like tomorrow so
pray this isn’t give me a chemical burn okay so it kind of looks better there
right we can all agree kinda let’s take setting powder like this
Charlotte Tilbury and just press it on top because bitch something weirds
happening now I’ve been doing this for a long time but it still looks weird what
is going on okay I’m scared let’s keep moving forward because who
knows what’s happening underneath the skin mm-hmm
all right so off-camera real quickly we were a little shook and Kris just said
that in the three years three and a half almost years of filming what did you say that yeah listen we’re just gonna keep
moving forward so let’s try it another shade let’s go in here let’s just smoke
up the under eye so I don’t look like I don’t know let’s try to finish this look
real quick I mean it’s really light so if you need it I shot a palette that
barely sticks this is it all right let’s try a shimmer shade it says shimmer
eyeshadow palette so let’s give it a whirl
by the way I just realized that this fine packaging is definitely a ripoff of
Kylie cuz she did something very similar last year whatever okay so let’s go in
with the bottom right this is a shimmer shade we’re gonna go in at the morphe
166 brush oh wow that is so powdery for a metallic here we go Christophe um and for its next trick
this eyeshadow vanishes instantly where the bucket hello it’s barely there oh my
god bitch I’m like I really want to give us a fair go but somedays just happen
shimmer my fucking ass okay let me take a finger to another shade what about
this frosty white one I mean it looks saying look too bad on
the finger but it just feels like chalk let’s be really real here and let’s just
Pat this on the lid Oh beautiful okay guys I listen okay this palette it may
not just be for me so let’s move on now and let’s try some mascara
alright so Physicians Formula and I don’t know what the hell this is let’s
go with the yellow wine I live for a physician’s formula but this is I’ve
never seen this before it says false what does it say false up
Vector lashes it should say false lashes effect but hey what’s all good
this is $2.99 it’s made in China it’s let’s see what happens this is literally
cocooned in a fucking plastic Jesus you know what’s crazy is this matte soft
touch yellow actually really like the component like I’m not mad at it it
feels really cool oh wow hmm interesting here we go well this brush is so big I just bumped
my stunning eyeshadow listen I’ve tried a lot of mascara on my
channel I almost went blind once trying it last year I will say this this is
pretty sheer like I have really cute lashes and bitch they are not at their
best performance right now like it’s pretty sure I gotta admit it’s not
giving me length what is all this extra powder just sitting up here um yeah this
thing is so I’ll tell you that alright let’s go in with this 399
Physicians Formula lash contour contortionist wow I love that word
alright let’s try the bottom this is the component let’s try the bottom lashes
with this and let’s see what happens oh just look see okay this was
definitely sealed but look at that wand oh my it’s a little rough
like it looks like it’s already been used but I think that’s just a product I
can’t imagine my lashes separating look at the product clumping in there like
that girl mm-hmm I can’t do it it’s gonna look horrifying I guess we’re
gonna go back and with this stunning moment
all right but am i scaring too bad now if you were to like stand really far
back and squint I don’t look too bad but besides that I don’t know what happened
today there was no lip products at t.j.maxx
girl they were sold out they had nothing except this Burt’s Bees sweet orange lip
balm so I guess we’re gonna put that on we got no lipstick today I’m sorry I’m
embarrassed oh it’s like that definitely smells like oranges it’s warming up in
the back of my hand okay sounds like a vitamin C pill to be honest I have
foundation on my lips obviously so there’s that and all right there was no
setting spray there was no blinding highlight there was no lipstick at
t.j.maxx I’m officially sad and this has been interesting should we all take a
deep breath and do my final thoughts all right the only thing approved today
which I’ve already used on my channel like I said before is the Anastacio
contour kit this is amazing formula I live for it a lot of people use this in
their kit in at home everything else today I don’t know the foundation with a
sponge wasn’t too bad and then once it’s settled on the skin it just went down
south like I don’t know what happened there but since I wiped it off and
reapplied the itching stopped isn’t that weird I didn’t do anything different I
don’t know I really can’t figure it out I have tried a million things before I
don’t know if the primer reacted weird with the foundation I can’t imagine how
or why I’ve used this with every foundation I’ve reviewed mainly so I’m a
little shaken and stirred today so this was interesting I have never bought my
makeup at t.j.maxx before so today was a first for me it was fun
definitely a flipper watching Criss Angel know a lot of magic tricks
happened so sound off below what the hell do you guys think about everything
have you guys tried makeup there let me know the T and of course do not forget
to enter my giveaway if you did not see the intro rewind it and go enter alright
you guys I will see you on the next video
for me

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