TULI Pinot Noir Sonoma County Wine

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re here today on
the cool Sonoma Coast to talk about our newest
endeavor into pinot noir, Tuli. With all of our experience in
growing pinot noir and sourcing fruit here for both
Belle Glos and Meiomi we decided it was
only a natural fit to come out with an
appellation-specific pinot noir. The name Tuli comes
from an historic Wappo village located in the Carneros
region of Sonoma County. Carneros is known for producing
these amazingly floral, almost rose petal-like
pinot noirs. When you take those light
rose petaly characters and blend them in with some
of the more robust notes from the Petaluma Gap
in Russian River Valley, it melts together to become this
beautiful, seamless, and rich style pinot noir, you create an
amazingly well-balanced wine, one that pairs well with
a broad array of foods. That’s exactly what we’re trying
to achieve with Tuli pinot noir. One of my favorite
pairings is pork loin. Just a nice roasted pork loin
with a slightly sweet glaze on top. When serving this
wine, I recommend it somewhere in the 56
to 60 degree range. But the easiest thing to
do, just grab a bottle, toss it in your fridge about
an hour before opening, pull it out, and it’s
going to be just perfect. I would like to invite you
to try our Tuli pinot noir. You can pick a
bottle up right here at your local Total
Wine and More.

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