Types of Red Wine : Tempranillo Wine Facts

Hi, I’m going to tell you about a grape that
maybe you never heard of before, it’s called Tempranillo, and if that sounds Spanish, you’re
right, it is Spain’s most popular grape. Tempranillo comes from the word temprano, and temprano
means early, and the name of the grape came from the fact that Tempranillo is a grape
that ripens about two weeks earlier than the other major grapes of Spain, which includes
sera and Grenache. Tempranillo is the main player in Spain’s most famous wines, which
is Rioja. It’s also a player in most of Spain’s other wines, and can grow in other parts of
the world, especially California, South America, and believe it or not, Texas. Texas makes
some fabulous wines that are Tempranillo. It seems that our climate in Texas is kind
of similar to some of the climates in Spain. Now Tempranillo can be a big, bold tannic
wine, but it’s often oak aged. So, almost every time you get a Tempranillo based wine,
it’s going to have some oaky, smokiness to it. Also the oak aging may calm it down and
make it a little bit smoother, so you never quite know what you’re going to get, you can
get a big sturdy red wine that will knock your socks off, or you can get a smooth oak
aged wine that has a little bit more temprance to it. But whatever you get in a Rioja, you’re
going to smell some earth. As a matter of fact it might be the primary aroma, earthiness,
smokiness, wet dirt, dry leaves. Surrounding that is going to be a nice core of raspberry,
maybe cherry, maybe a little bit strawberry, or the lighter red fruits. You can also get
a little bit of kind of a smoked cigar aroma to it. But don’t worry, it’s going to taste
fabulous. It’s going to taste fruity and earthy, it’s going to be nicely balanced with a low
acidity. And you never know what you’re going to get in the tannin, because that depends
on the oak aging, but it’s going to be an interesting, complex, very serious red wine
and you probably want to serve it up with some food that just kind of lets it shine.
It’s not the type of wine that wants to wrestle with flavors. So if you’re just going to serve
a nice plain grilled steak, nice plain grilled piece of duck or chicken, serve it up with
a Tempranillo, and let Tempranillo add the spice to your meal, you’ll love it.

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