Types of Sparkling Wine : Sparkling Wines of Italy

Hi, I’m Mark Middlebrook, I’m here in the
Paul Marcus Wines cellar. And in this segment I’m going to talk about Prosecco, the everyday
sparkling wine of Italy. Prosecco is, first of all a grape variety, and then a wine made
into sparkling style from that grape variety. In northeastern Italy, it’s the region of
the Veneto, the area around Venice. And this is a wine cell you find all over Italy, it’s
served as aperitif, pretty much anytime someone wants a glass of sparkling wine, as a drink
by itself, for an event or for dinner, or to have with antipasti, with first courses,
with things like that, this is the sort of thing that will generally get poured. They
do make other sparkling wines in Italy, notably Franciacorta, but this is the everyday version
that cost less and gets served more. Some of the best Prosecco comes from an area called
Valdobbiadene, just a subregion of the Prosecco zone, and so you’ll see on the label Prosecco
De Valdobbiadene. That doesn’t mean that all of the good ones are from there but that is
kind of a good housekeeping seal of approval when you see that. This particular bottling
is by a producer named, Sorelle Bronca, the Bronca sisters, and small family producer.
And I drink this a lot, it’s a really well made wine at a very reasonable price, well
under 20 bucks retail. This is, as you see, Presecco also comes in the big party size
bottle, which always makes a party a lot more fun. And this is another producer in Valdobbiadene,
a Drusian. And a little, this particular bottling, just a little lighter, just a little bit dryer
than the sort of Bronca, but equally satisfying. By the way Prosecco, most Proseccos are technically
extra dry, which for some reason is a designation of dryness, that’s less dry that Brut, the
normal champagne dryness. So you’ll find Prosecco a little bit fruitier, a little bit mellower
than champagne, champagne style wine. For that reason it’s very easy to drink by itself,
also really works well with brunches and easy going meals like that. And I tend to serve
Prosecco very often with those kind of events.

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