Types of Sparkling Wine : Sparkling Wines of Spain

Hi! I am Mark Middlebrook and I am here in
the Paul Marcus Wines wine cellar. And, in this segment I am going to talk about Cava,
the sparkling wine of Spain. Cava is a Catalan word, word from Catalonia and it simply means
cave or where you store and age the wine. But, it is also a legal term in Spanish wine
and it refers to a sparkling wine made in a particular style somewhere in Spain. The
vast majority of Cava is made in Catalonia in northeastern Spain near Barcelona. The
central area is called Penedes. But, it is possible to make, legally make Cava in other
regions in Catalonia and other parts of Spain. Cava is made principally from Xarello, Parellada,
Macabeo, and sometimes Chardonnay. Four grape varieties that grow principally in, again,
Catalonia. And, it is made in the same way as champagne pretty much, with that secondary
fermentation in the bottle. One big distinction is that Cava tends to cost a lot less than
champagne. In part because it is usually less complex, less elegant. But, for all that,
immensely satisfying. You can get good Cavas for under twenty bucks, well under twenty
bucks these days. This one is Pereventura’s Cava Brut Nature, which is a great bargain
and one that I enjoy a lot. And then, this is a special vintage Cava from a producer
called d’Abbatis. I pretty much always have a bottle or two of Cava in my refrigerator
for when friends drop by and I pretty much recommend that you do the same.

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