Types of White Wine : Serving White & Red Wines

hello my name is mihaly fabok, and we are
here on behalf of expert village and we are talking about white wines, how to serve and
how to enjoy. the white wine should be served cold, it means the life of it fresh, the white
wine should be served around 8-10 celcius degree, if tthe white wine is full bodied,
oaked, or matured you have to serve around 12 celcius degree. the red wine has different
serving temperatures, like a light bodied fruity fresh red wine the serving temperature
is around 50 celcius degree, if you have a full bodied red wine which is old, typically
you have to serve it around 19 celcius degree. it is very important around especially summertime
and also in the winter time you have to chill the red wine as well, because the room temp
is about 21-22, 23 is absolutely too high to enjoy the red wine, so we have to keep
it around 15-19 celcius degree. this is important because the room temp is too high. if you
don’t put the red wine in the fridge, it will be 22 sometime in the summer 24, or 26 and
this absolutely wrong. you have to keep it around 15-19 celcius degree this is the best
temp to serve any red wines.

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