Types of White Wine : Using a White Wine Glass

Hello, my name is Mihaly Fabsk, and we are
here on behalf of Expert Village. We are talking about white whines — how to serve, how to
enjoy, the white whine. First of all, if you have white wines you need a white wine glass.
Actually, this is a nice white wine glass. Usually, the big difference between the white
wine glass and the red wine glass is the form and also the white wine glass is smaller than
the red wine glass. And the serving temperature is also important. We have to serve the white
wine around eight to twelve Celsius degree. If you have a red wine, it depends on the
style, the grape variety, the wine-making techniques; you have to serve around 15 and
19 Celsius degrees. So, the red whine needs a little bit higher temperature — needs a
little bit bigger wine glass, and also some red wines, and white wines as well, need more
oxygen. So, for example, if you have an old, full-bodied, slightly tonic red wine, the
best way to open the bottle — if you use the curve — so, decanting the wine is the
best way, so the decantation, it helps you to remove the sediment, and also the wine
can get fresher and the wine will be more fruity, more rich, and better quality, when
you have it.

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