Un-Wine’d Recipe: Chicken Tikki Masala

Today we’re gonna make
some Tikki Marsala, some chicken Tikki Marsala, to go with this
beautiful Viognier. So I hope you’re gonna enjoy it. The first thing we’re gonna do is marinate our chicken. I’ve got a nice little bag here. I like to do this
marinade in a bag, because I think it’s
really easy to do. Then you can just throw the bag right into the refrigerator and you don’t have to
keep tossing the chicken. I’m gonna take about
a cup of yogurt. Then some lemon juice. I squeezed this lemon, but I left the pulp in it, because I like that texture. Then I’m gonna take
some black pepper. A lot of cayenne pepper. You can adjust this to
your desired spiciness. Some cinnamon which is a
great seasoning in this and some cumin. Then I want to grate a
little bit of ginger root. I have a ginger root grater and I love to grate on this. You could also use just a
standard grater to do this. I really like it because it pulls
all the moisture out and it leaves all
the strings behind. So that you don’t
get that stringiness in your product. So I want a tablespoon
or so of that. Yeah, looks great. I just want take that and put right down in my bag. Just like this. Then I’m gonna
massage that around. Just a little bit. Kinda mix it up. Make it nice and uniformed. Just get in there
with your hands and it doesn’t matter
where it goes in the bag because the chicken’s
gonna go everywhere. It doesn’t matter if
it’s completely mixed up, because once you
get the chicken in you’re gonna mix it
a little bit more. Now I’m gonna take six
de-boned chicken breasts, you can also use
thighs for this, and I’m just gonna
throw those in the bag. I love these smells, it’s gonna be so delicious. Now let me just wash my hands and get all of that off. Always make sure when
you’re using chicken you keep your hands and your surfaces nice and clean. So let’s just zip it up and then give a real stir. Just get in there and let in know who’s boss. Alright. Now I’m gonna take my chicken, just like this, and I’m gonna lay it
over in the refrigerator for about an hour; but you can do it overnight. Then when it’s all finished you’re gonna grill it. Let’s make the sauce. I’m gonna start with a
little bit of butter. In a nice hot pan, just like that. I want to get a
little color going. A little smoke. I’m gonna take some garlic and some jalapeno. I even chopped up
the seeds with this so I could get some really
really good flavor on this. Now let’s just it a nice stir. I want to get that color. I like getting that
color from the butter. You just don’t want to
burn up your garlic, because then your whole
sauce will be terrible. Then I’m gonna add some paprika. (cough) Then some cumin. Get that in there. Really toast it up. Get those flavors going. It smells wonderful in here. Now what I want to do is add about eight
ounces of tomato sauce. I want to get that toasting. I told you about this before. If you put tomato sauce, or paste, in a nice hot pan and you get those sugars
going just a little bit it gives you so much
more of a rich flavor. That’s called maderization. It’s bringing those sugars right to the surface of the pan and giving them really
great flavor and color. It turns it just slightly
on the brown side. Now we’re gonna take a cup
of heavy whipping cream and stir right in there. That makes our Marsala sauce. Just let that simmer
for a few minutes until it’s cooked through and all of your flavors have the opportunity
to meld together. While that’s happening, I’m gonna go ahead and plate up some of
this delicious chicken and some rice for you. Now I’ve already
grilled some chicken. I have that all ready. So what I want to do is cut this into cubes. The other thing you can do is cut your chicken
into cubes beforehand and you can grill it on skewers, but I love to do it this way when I’m plating. When I grill this chicken I like to get a nice
dark rich color on it. The importance of Tikki Marsala is that you get
really good color on all of your food. I’m just gonna top off my rice with some of my
delicious chicken. You can see this beautiful sauce just simmering away. Bubbling so nicely. We’re just gonna top that. Lots of sauce. Oh that’s so delicious. Then we’re gonna finish up with a little bit of cilantro. I’m just gonna chop a
bit of cilantro here. Just put right on
the top of my plate. It doesn’t have to
be too finely minced. Just so that it gives
some nice color. Just like that. Then will pour it out with this beautiful Viognier. The color is just so nice. It’s crisp. It gives you a
great counterbalance to the spice in this
beautiful Marsala. Oh yeah. That’ll do the trick. So I hope enjoy
this delicious dish and this incredible wine from Upper Shirley Vineyards.

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