Unboxing Gift Basket from Wine Country – EP 15 w/ English Subtitles

Today’s video will be on reviewing a Gift Basket!! Dave will tell you who send this gift to us I wanted to say something I was sitting around here yesterday, when this package was delivered I thought Dave had ordered something but when I got it, it was a box from Wine Country, let me show you Then I realized someone had send us a gift I thought it was some random person sending us a gift This is the address label, on that back of it is where you can write a message, I really liked that OK So this is our GIFT BASKET!! Doesn’t it look really nice?? I was sitting at home when I received it, so I was really happy! and it was really unexpected, so anyone would have been happily surprised I’m always happy to receive gifts, even if it is not a surprise!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ its really beautiful and looks really nice So we figured, we would open it in front of you all!!! this is like a general gift people give to one another here last year around this time we received a Gift basket from our neighbor as well I’m going to taste everything OK?? That’s true, I don’t eat much chocolate isn’t that a knife?? is it to cut pizza into slices?? Nooo I want it now!!! anything I don’t like he can take to office!! you going to eat it now?? Yes!! Don’t we have to try everything and show it to them??? Then i’ll eat mine later, give me half of your!! Let me eat this first before you continue!! Wait!! I want to eat this first!! I’m going to eat this whole thing! There’s almonds in here, its great!! I’m not going to eat the meat I had some also! πŸ™‚ I want to try it!! No, Don’t open it!! We have to open it and show it to everyone You don’t have to open and show every item!! of course you do!! I rarely eat chocolate, but Dave eats chocolate all day at work but its more natural, no artificial flavoring Please don’t open this!! Do you guys want me to open this??? its a full bar!! even if you open it you won’t finish it. I am definitely going to open this!!! ok go ahead open it there’s dried cherry in here has a little cherry syrup taste next, time is running Can you please open it correctly?? You probably never seen these packages before!!..Don’t just break it! I know how to OK!! i admit, I always open things upside down..!! You know I do have a questions, why do you guys always open everything upside down!?? Everything we have is opened upside down!! Then I go and try to open it, thinking its new, and the whole thing falls out from the bottom!!! This is famous, everyone know this. You get this everywhere even children brings the boxes home from school for sale I used to buy this when I was overseas you can even get these at the duty free shops at the airport What language is that? let me see if its one piece, I will open it! there’s a cream filling on the inside, very tasty Oh, you will probably like this always wanting cookies cookies cookies!! its cold here now, so its good with tea! look, there are 3 large cookies in here its good with coffee or tea I like it with tea huh?? what kind of combination is that?? If i can find the photo, I will add it later Let’s take a look its similar to a candy we have back home there’s three inside. The packaging of everything is very nice ehh.. I don’t really like that combination Yeah, I know you don’t like that right? oh its like a brown sugar candy we have back home it reminds me of a candy from back home it has a milky flavor I like this type more than chocolate look!! is this what you thought it would be ?? The picture was so big, but look at it, its little cookies!! this is what we call “mixture” back home I won’t open this one Wine and Cheese is a combination. I know you are a BIG drinker (haha).. so next time you drink, you can have this as well!! hahah its not sweet, its like eating a bread with flavor OK, I don’t have much interest in those items!! this is almost the same as the previous. It little bread sticks I really don’t like mustard!!! There was nothing on the bottom of this We got something like this last year as well, we use it to store our mail our old mail or packages Ok, so our review is now over This was it!! lots of stuff. Thanks Johnson!! Also, one more thing. We just showed you the gift we received the other day That was unexpected. Just like that, Dave also received another gift as well!! from the office Those that watched our “American Football Live” episode will know we are die hard Buffalo Bills fans!! Josh Allen is our quarterback!! his birthday had already passed so this was unexpected! So this is a gift video!! Thank you so much to everyone!! So if you liked today’s video, you know what to do!! Like, Share and don’t forget to subscribe!!


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