Understanding Wine: A Course for Enthusiasts & Professionals

File Name : Understanding Wine- A Course for
Enthusiasts & Professionals Length : 2.43 minutes
Male Speakers : John Ragan : Danny Meyer
: Richard Vayda : Rick Smilow
Female Speaker : Kate Edwards Date : October 08, 2015 [00:00:00]
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John Ragan : Understanding Wine is a course like none other. For 10 weeks, we’ll take
a trip all through all the important wine regions of the world and talk from a restaurant
perspective. For over 10 years, we’ve been teaching this with our colleagues at Union
Square Hospitality Group and now, with our partnership with the Institute of Culinary
Education, we are able to offer it to the public.
Danny Meyer : Master Sommelier John Ragan is the perfect person to lead these courses
at ICE and it’s not just because he’s only one of three people in the entire world to
hold both a Master Sommelier and to have won a James Beard award for outstanding service
in America. John knows a lot about wine but if you’re on the receiving end of John’s class,
you have fun. He loves making people happy with wine.
Richard Vayda : ICE is so excited to be partnering with Union Square Hospitality Group in this
program. This is just going to bring it to a new level. I’m very honored to be representing
ICE as an instructor in some of the classes and I know that the synergy of our two organizations
coming together is going to create an incredible opportunity for participants in the program.
John Ragan : In addition to Richard and myself, colleagues from all over the Union Square
Hospitality Group restaurants will be helping to teach the class and that’s one of the things
that makes the class so rich. Sam Lipp, managing partner at Union Square Cafe, Mia Van de Water
who’s the wine director at North End Grill, Jeff Kellogg from Maialino will be teaching
the Italy week with me as well. Each week, we’ll cover a different region
but we’ll come at it from a really interesting point of view. We’ll include winemakers, getting
a chance for people to meet the people that actually made the wine, tasting great wines
from the region and also a multimedia approach to let you see the region firsthand.
Kate Edwards : Wine is incredibly important for a restaurant. It’s also incredibly important
in our world so, to be able to get this information from some of the best people at Union Square
Hospitality Group is a fantastic opportunity. Rick Smilow : We were really excited when
USHG approached us with this opportunity. Their internal wine education program is legendary.
The idea of ICE instructors and USHG experts collaborating was one we couldn’t pass up.
Danny Meyer : We’ve had a longstanding relationship with ICE in terms of cooks coming from ICE
who work in our restaurants, in terms of managers from Union Square Hospitality Group giving
classes at ICE and we just have so much mutual trust and respect between our two organizations.
This was the logical place to go. [background music] [Audio Ends]

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