UW-Stout: B.S. in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

(uplifting music) – Every single job that
I’ve had since I was 12 was in the hospitality field. I got into some culinary
classes within my high school and my teacher saw that I had
a passion for the industry. I came to Stout because
of the management degree and how well-known the program is. When I was looking at different schools and where I wanted to go, I actually toured three
or four different campuses and I met with the program advisors of different departments. And I told them what I
was kind of looking for, I was looking for the
management side of things, and instead of persuading me to go into one of their programs, they flat-out told me
“You need to go to Stout.” So when I came to Stout
and I toured Stout, I had a meeting with the program advisor here for the hospitality,
hotel restaurant, tourism management program. And I told her what I was expecting and looking for for a degree. And I walked out of that interview smiling head to toe because I knew this is exactly where I needed to be. So when I first came to campus
it was a little intimidating, just because of the new
environment that you’re in. But when I came to the
hospitality building I ended up just getting
to know the professors and the students very well, because it’s a small-knit community. And then I just felt at home. Went to the classes and
in one of my first classes I walked out with goosebumps one day, because I was in the right place. And I knew that. I feel at home now. And as the years have gone on from freshman to sophomore
my confidence has grown, my networking opportunities
have skyrocketed. Really amazing classes. We have an eight hour lab class, specifically food service-related, and you get to serve the public. Full-service meal. We have a wine and spirits food class where you’re tasting up
to sixty different wines, possibly two to three hundred
dollar bottles of wine. And we pair them with food. On top of that there’s actually a trip that Peter does to Spain and France, where it’s more in-depth
food and wine pairing. The internships that
Stout has provided me, a lot of them have come
through the career fair. The privilege to work at the new Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club. And then this last summer
I was out in Montana, at the Stock Farm Club. Next summer I’m going to
be going out to Boston, at the oldest country club in America. I consider UW-Stout my second home. I get to go intern for three
months in a different state, a different country sometimes, and then I get to come home back to Stout and continue my daily life.

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