Verema al Priorat

Today we have come to the Priorat
We want to see how it is a harvest day Beautiful and demanding While harvesters harvest, … the technicians of the DOQ Priorat, who have doubled this year, verify the origin of the grape. And how do they do it? The veedores analyze samples of grapes and And they guarantee that they will serve to make wines with the quality that each winery has proposed. “More and more people are looking for the ORIGIN of things. In the wine it is in the grape and the land. ” It is not an exam, the wineries want this certification for their wine “There are times when you say, oysters, there is now the vein again … People have to understand that if we do things right we can go very far. ” This is how the Priorat gives guarantees to his bottles. All because you end up noticing that it is a Priorat wine.
And above all, you notice it in the glass.

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