Vinebox (2019 Review by wine expert)

Dini: This video will give you a glimpse at
a new way to buy and taste wine. But is it any good? Well, stick around and we’ll find out. Dini: If you want to relish life through wine,
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wines and my expertise that I’m going to share with you here today, so that you can take
your enjoyment of wine to the next level. Dini: So here it is. We are going to taste a wine club called Vinebox. This is something really cool and I think
it’s super innovative. Because instead of getting a big huge box
with 12 bottles of wine that you don’t know if you are going to like them or not, what
they actually send you in this cute, little box is individual glasses of several different
kinds of wine that you can taste, see if you like. And then, if you really like any of those,
you could go ahead and order a whole bottle of them, search for them. But at the very least, you’re going to just
be able to widen your experience and learning of tasting different wines. Dini: Now, I have to say, this is not a sponsored
video, so they’ve not paid me to do this or anything. This is my honest opinion. I did get the box for free, but not for the
purposes of this video. It was because I was advising them on a few
things and they sent it to me as a thank you gift. Dini: Okay, so here it is, here’s the beautiful
package. Let’s go ahead and open the package. Take a look at this. So these are the individual, kind of like
vials, if you were in chemistry class or in perfumery. Each of these glasses is actually a pretty
big size. They do tell you in the beginning to go ahead
and find all of the white and rosé wines to be able to chill those before you taste
them, so that’s what I did last night. So, beautiful, that is exactly what I would
pour for a glass of wine. Dini: We’ve got a lot of fun wines to taste
here. I poured in here a Muscadet wine from France
and that is from the Loire Valley of France where Pouilly-Fumé is. If you guys haven’t already seen my video
about Pouilly-Fumé, you can get the link to that and watch that next. But, Muscadet, oh, is a delicious wine. It’s actually the name of a grape. It is a wonderful wine for oysters, so I’m
looking forward to having a lot of it in the summertime sitting outside. Let’s go ahead and give this a taste and see
if it’s any good. That’s delicious. Like I said, I love Muscadet. What I like about this one is that it’s really
nice and refreshing. It’s kind of like having a glass of lemonade
on a warm, summer day and I also like that it’s not too watery. Dini: Okay, this is a Bordeaux Blanc, so this
is probably made from sort of Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon, primarily. Again, pretty good, pretty refreshing. What I wish is maybe they would give me a
breakdown of the grape varieties of this, and especially, some food suggestions. Dini: Well, you can see in looking at their
website that these boxes run anywhere from $70-$90 a box and there’s about nine glasses
of wine in these. So this is really for people who like to drink
good, quality wine and they want to explore and drink more kinds of wine out there because
this is going to give access to be able to taste nine different kinds of wine in one
box that you don’t want to scrimp on the quality. Dini: One thing to think about if you’ve never
had wine delivered to your doorstep and you always go to wine store, or whatever to buy
it, is that when you receive the package, you really need to have somebody who is 21
years or older who can be there to sign for the package. The other thing I will say is, and I don’t
know how they address this, but I always want to think about what times of year are good
for shipping because when you get to the really, really hot months, the wines, especially higher
quality wines like this, are really going to suffer if they’re shipped in the heat. So I always like to think about and make sure
somebody’s there to receive them right away and also what’s happened on the truck and
everything beforehand. Me, personally, I would probably skip my shipments
in the summer time unless they have a good solution to being able to ship the ones, in
say, the dead heat of August. Dini: So now we’ve got a rosé. Another cool thing about these is that they’re
really easy to open. I love that you can just twist off the top
and they’re really easy to pout. This is one of my favorite wines. This is called a Bandol Rosé. It’s from the Southwest of France. Man, this good. Wow. Holy Toledo, that’s good. Now, this is the beauty, in my opinion, of
wine tasting, I got to my third wine, I’ve tasted through the first two and they were
pretty good, but then in the mix of all of these, you get to discover one that you really
fall in love with. Just like finding really great music, you’ve
got to listen to a lot of stuff to find the gems. I will definitely be drinking thing with dinner
tonight. Dini: So I’d love to know from all of you,
have you ever joined a wine club, whether it’s one from the winery itself or one where
they ship you all different kinds of wines? And if so, what did you like or not like about
it? How was your experience with that? Comment below and let me know. Dini: I’m going to go through and taste all
the rest. Hark work, hard work, I know. I guess that’s another little cool thing,
you can just give a sniff. That’s great. Delicious, delicious. This is Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region
of France. Wow. Chateau Bardot. Dini: I just thought of another great thing
that this option is great for. How many of you have a partner or a roommate
or whatever, who likes a totally different kind of wine? This is really useful for that because if
you don’t have a whole bottle of wine that you then have to wait and spread out over
time, but you can feel perfectly comfortable. “Okay, you know what, honey, the white wines
are for you. You’re going to drink the white wines. I’m going to drink the red wines.” And then you both get to drink the kind of
wine that you love. I think that makes for a marital bliss. Dini: I love that Bordeaux because that takes
me back to being in Bordeaux. I really can imagine just being there tasting
that wine. It tastes like just so fresh and so reminds
me of the greatness that cabernet sauvignon can have it that region. Dini: Oh, this is super cool. So they give you this little Vinebox branded
… I don’t know what it is, I guess it’s supposed to be a wine glass coaster or something. But the beauty of it is that they said that
wildflowers seeds are embedded in this paper, so you can soak it in water, plant it, and
watch it grow. I like that. Dini: On to Italiano. At the top they tell me it’s a taste of Tuscany. Oh, so at the top of every wine, they kind
of tell you what the region is, so at least they did give you some information. That wine from … Is it Sicily? Sicily, Southern Italy. Not my favorite, but we all have different
tastes. Dini: Okay, this one is our Madiran. This is the one they told me to set aside
to have for the last wine. I do like that that’s really juicy, along
with the fact that it is Tannat and very tannic. Dini: This wine club is on the pricey side
at $10 a glass, but overall, I would give it a big thumbs up for the chance to try so
many really good wines. I have to say that unfortunately that is not
the case for a lot of wine clubs. A lot of wine clubs, I have not been as fortunate
with to get very high-quality wines, which is usually why I end up not sticking around
with a lot of them. But, these wines are really delicious. To be able taste and experience nine different
glasses of wines and get that amount of variety is a really fun thing. It’s like going to a wine bar. Have some girlfriends over, drink a bunch
of types of wine, and just have fun. Dini: If you’re interested in how to smell,
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