Visit Cefalu – Wine Tasting, Santa Anastasia Winery near Castelbuono

We’ve been here a couple of days and there’s plenty to do in Cefalu all year round but September is the time for the grape harvest and our guide, friend and general all round good egg Angelo is going to take us to the Sant’anastasia vineyard So we get to try even more wine. Are you up for some more wine? Are you ready for your trip to the vineyard? So we’re going to see the procedure for wine making So, Julian, if you have an empty glass Of course, we’re going to try some There are absolutely acres of vines. There’s aren’t any grapes on the vines at the moment because they’ve just done the harvestbut we’re goingt o head up to the winery Immediately the smell of wine hits you as you walk in and hardly surprising really I know nothing about wine so any questions I’ll have to leave to Nancy We can send Nancy in on a reconnaisance mission It really is like a Hobbit’s house from Lord of the Rings This is the first room to make the wine older so it’s a controlled temperature between 18 and 21 I don’t really know anything about it but if you’re into wine it’s fascinating I just clearly want to try some out I wasn’t listening what was he talking about? The most important thing is that glass thing on top This glass part which let’s the wine escape when the temperature changes, to prevent it becoming vinegar How much does one cost? 15000 euros! and how many litres are there in here? 10 000 litres of wine! That’s enough. We’ll take this one please I’ve left my wallet at home What will your wife say? I’m getting drunk on the smeall alone It’s not wine it’s grape juice before the alcoholic fermentation before going into the barrel It’s pure grapeit’s fantastic It’s really nice grapejuice and I’m sure it’s something you can’t find in England In England we have award winning spakling wine! Oh, they’re not listening We’ve got better ale than you I feel like Charliewhen he’s being taken around the chocolate factory there’s all this stuff I shouldn’t be touching in case I contaminate it Cheers this is like your baby He has many children! According to these basic instructions we are going to be presented with a plethora of wines and we have to mark down what we think of them This is a typically white grape from Sicily What do you taste? This is a very citrusy wine…….um… Oh, I got it right? Total guess The nut smell is coming along now In the beginning it wasn’t but I can smell nut now This definitely gets from Don Juliano a smiley face The second wine is a Rose wine Cheers We love everything, the climate of course the food the wine the people and nature particularly in this part of the island, in the north where we have the mountains and the sea It’s really beautiful Hello and welcome to “interrupting people when they’re trying have a romantic moment alone” Sorry about this How’s the wine Fantastic, wonderful We work here So this a place where normal Sicilians come too, it isn’t just for tourists Just a normal day of work We try everything for our work Warm spices, cinamon clove Very different, that’s why you have to come to the region where the wine is produced I’ve drunk Nero davola outside Sicilybut you don’t get this quality This is the real deal I will come back just for this one glass I prefer the ’68 myself He’s trying to give us a hard time , he says that gin isn’t from Britain have you ever had roast beef and yorkshire pudding? Do you like sandwiches? No sandwich Just a good lunch I will go for a panini, real panini it’s still a sandwich which was invented by Gerald Lord Sandwich

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