Visitem el celler Pascona

If you are tired of seeing cellars on the inside, Take a look at the Walking Tour, by Pascona. In Toni Ripoll, he proposes to know his wines while taking a walk on the estate. From the first minute you have a drink in your hand. He wears a portable fridge with wines. In each vineyard where the wine comes from, stop and taste the landscape. We open the doors of our estate and go for a walk, Tasting wines is more pleasant, instead of having one wine behind the other one closed in a room Pascona is a family winery and the wines are like its members: the little one, the father, the mother There is also Maria Ganxa. They have a pretty story. How to say in Toni: “Pascon Crest”. They are wines as a family: They look like they are very different. You will learn this by walking along the vineyard. There are granite farms that give very fresh wines. Clay farms, which give very good structure to the wines The vineyards of Licorella. You get to the ground and note the warmth at the end of your back. Try six wines and enjoy the landscape.

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