Warren liquor store badly damaged after attempted thieves smash truck into storefront

so it’s happened again to another business owner crooks smashing right into the Warren party’s store looking to make off with a lot of cash from the ATM but they didn’t get anything if – Ellie joins us now with the latest good afternoon as you can see there are workers right here right now working on getting at least some temporary framing in to try to prevent anything more from happening in the days and weeks to come until the story gets their permanent fix in the year in fact you can see the bolts of where the ATM machine used to be all this is a whole lot of damage and for the thieves absolutely zero payoff they had a guy stationed on nine mile and they hit the store in nine mile I mean it’s uh I’m in kind of between Tom Salem and his brother Nick on the corner party store on nine mile near Hoover and seeing all the smash-and-grabs on the news both were afraid this could happen to that I know it’s coming I mean really want to go to jail for this you see that white car over there that’s another one that’s a getaway car this break-in was all caught on camera at 4:40 a.m. the thieves used a stolen pickup truck crashing through the front window trying to steal money from the ATM but knowing it’s a hot target Nick and Tom already emptied that ATM they see the box the money box is not there if they pulled it they look each other Oh dumb and dumber so the three thieves caused what’s estimated to be 20 grand worth of damage and walked away with absolutely nothing leaving behind the stolen pickup truck and at a terrible twist of irony the brothers were getting ready to install a large cement pillars to make it harder for something like this to happen like maybe a couple of days three days we were again ready for him but yeah we know where that one was coming we know now I did talk to Warren’s Police Commissioner about an hour ago to get enough that and this he says they are working out as fast as they can and they do know this is a problem in fact they’re putting a lot of agencies together from other departments from other cities to try to catch these guys in Warren Nick Monacelli local 4

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