Watch Kevin Hart And Kelly Chew Wine With A Sommelier

– We’re gonna taste the
old world lime first. – [Kelly] You’re shaking it up. – [Ian] So let’s let, why do we swirl, why do you guys think we swirl the glass? – [Kelly] Just to break things up. – [Ian] Exactly. – [Kelly] Just to, yeah. – [Ian] So we’re trying to
volatilize the actual liquid, and make the actual
compounds that you can smell go from liquid into a gas. – [Kelly] That’s gonna be my answer, (Laughing) – [Ian] Exactly. – [Kelly] Yeah. – [Ian] You’re really, you’re smart. – [Kelly] That was gonna be my answer, I just wanted you to look smart. (laughs) – [Ian] So when you’re
swirling, even though, even those at home, imagine
the base of your glass, you’re kinda swirling around
the outside of a circle. – [Kelly] Okay. – [Ian] How you doing? – [Kelly] Swirling on
the outside of a circle. – [Ian] There you go. – [Kelly] You’re like DJing, you’re like wiki wiki. (laughs) – [Ian] That is, that is – [Kelly] Okay, can I taste it now? – [Ian] That is supernatural. Not, not yet, you gotta calm down. – [Kelly] Not yet!? – [Ian] You calm down a little bit. – [Kelly] This is the
worst foreplay, okay. (laughing) This better be good! – [Ian] So all right let’s go – [Kelly] It better be good end game. – [Ian] So, so is anybody like, you go out to dinner and
everyone like the wine and has nice legs. – [Kelly] Oh, they do say
that’s how it falls, right? – [Kevin] What, what does it mean when the wine has nice legs? – [Ian] Yeah. – [Kevin] It’s funny, I
remember when I was in Paris and somebody asked me the same thing. (laughing) I was in Paris and I was… – [Ian] So typically,
typically, when you see, you know you’re at a dinner
party and everyone’s like “Oh beautiful legs on the wine.” It simply means, how
much alcohol pretty much is in the wine. So if you see legs that
are coming down very slow, it means there’s a lot of
alcohol or maybe a lot of sugar. – I think I’m about to
drink Carl Louise cause it’s a lot of legs. (laughing) – (laughing) Carl Louise! – All right so ah.. – [Kelly] Can we drink it? – Let’s go ahead and taste it. – Oh good! – So, when you taste it don’t
just, don’t just drink it, I want you to kind of
chew the wine slightly and expose it to all of your taste buds. – [Kelly] Chew it. – Not usually at a dinner party
but now we’re gonna do it. (Audience laughing) – [Ian] There’s lots
of salivation going on. – [Kelly] Its’ weird, it
took away all the saliva and then just infused it back. That was like a trick. – Exactly, and it’s finishing
up and you get all this kind of, almost feels like
you’re, you’re kind of tasting the rocks of the soil. – [Kelly] Yeah, it’s nice. – Kind of unique to Burgundy
and you want food with something like this. (audience laughing) – Yeah, I want food with
everything. (laughing) – So think about, think about,
like duck or roast chicken, or something like that, even Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Things like that. – I like that.
(humming) – It’s, it’s, it’s so,
you know what it is, you know what it is. (laughing) – It’s as if I’m home
but I’m in a cabin but I still wanna lay in a bed. (laughing) – Okay, without you getting
too emotional about this, let’s move on to the next wine. – [Kelly] Okay, okay,
next wine, next wine. – Well, I’m impressed. – [Kelly] It is good. – So, second wine similar color. So this is coming from
the new world, again from the new world, you’re
looking for more fruit forward characteristics. – Okay. – Let’s go ahead and swirl
the glass and smell it really fast. You’re getting more fruit. – This is lighter to me. So, I’m smelling it now. – Kevin, Kevin, what are you
seeing at the sight there? – I’m not seeing any
legs, I’ll tell you that. (audience laughing) – [Ian] So yeah. – This is the one. (audience laughing) Yeah. – [Kelly] This ones mine. – [Kevin] Yeah. – You’re new world. – Yeah.
– I’m old world. – So, this is, this is Oregon Pinot Noir. This is from the new world. For me the price to quality
if you’re looking to for a great Pinot Noir. Oregon produces some
incredible wines, this is all Organic small production
wine that you won’t see – That’s cool, all Organic. in too many stores. Yeah. – But wait you actually have
a special surprise for Kevin. – I actually do. – What is it? Somebody call my wife, tell
her I’m coming home active. (laughing)
(clapping) (whoop)


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