Wedding Registry: Save or Splurge – Episode 3 – Wine Fridges

– Hi there, welcome to our channel, I’m Alyssa, the senior
style and planning editor here at The Knot, and you are watching Save
or Splurge Registry edition. Today we’re talking
about my favorite topic which is wine, and I’m joined by Whitney and Henry, and they are relatively
new newly weds, right? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Close enough.
– Close enough. You guys eloped last year? – Yes, so we didn’t
get to pick a registry, it felt weird registering for guests if no one knew we were getting married. – Totally that makes
sense, that makes sense. – So I wish I could register today, just as a human. – Yeah (laughs) as a human! – There’s a lot of things I want. – But you guys are wine fans, right, so wine would definitely,
something wine-related would be on there. – I think everything wine related. – Okay. – Like the glasses, I
know we have a million. – Could always use a few more. They break easily – Takes up half of our cabinet space, but – It’s fine but we need it. – Priority, priorities. – A wine fridge. – So what kind of wines do you like? What blends? – Oh, Capsol. – Okay. – Saron. – Okay. – I guess I’m not the
biggest winer of the world – Any red – [Alyssa] Any red, he’s
a red guy it sounds like. – Full ones though – [Alyssa] Okay spicy, like flavored. – Yeah.
– Right. – Dry.
– Dry, okay. – He didn’t think he was a white wine guy, until we discovered Sauvignon blanc, which he really loves. – It’s one of my faves too. – And it’s crisp. – Sounds like you guys
are the perfect people to bring on for this segment. – Yes. – Okay, so we’re talking wine fridges, in case you haven’t seen me
surrounded by all them yet. – I feel like they’re closing in on us. – They are. But it’s a good problem to have right? Surrounded by wine is
kinda how I wanna go. We’ll start with the smallest
one on this cabinetry, and you know what, it is a perfectly great starter option. It is from Ivation, It’s $140, so it’s a
really good price point, stores eight bottles, it is single zone and
there’s two different things, when you wanna buy wine fridges
that you wanna look for. You want to decide if
you need a single zone or a double zone. Essentially, what that means
is it has one cooling zone, so can set to one temperature, so all of your wines,
whether it’s red or white, in there will be cooled
to that temperature. – Got it. – So, this one is single
zone, and you can see here, it has a little LED screen on the front, and it doesn’t have a temperature, it has like, rankings of numbers. So it goes from eleven down to two, and that’s from warmest
let’s say, to coldest. We’re gonna try a red and a white wine from each of these fridges. – Okay. – They’re gonna be the same
wines for testing purposes. Let’s start with the white. – Yes. – All right, I’ll pour us a little, I would like to be more
generous than usually I am, but I’ll pour us a
little tasting sampling. Cheers! – It’s not really feeling cold to my hand. (soft upbeat music) – I like that.
– It’s refreshing. – Yeah. – I prefer a little
colder I think probably. – I think I do too. – All right, so with red, some people like their reds
chilled, some people don’t. How do you guys feel? – Okay, before we got our
small wine fridge in our home, we just drink it like room temperature. – Oh, thank you. – And so, since having
it slightly chilled, it makes all the difference. – It does, it really does. – I’m a strong believer in it now. – It brings out the flavors. – Cheers!
– Cheers! – Cheers! – These are goblets
and I’m really into it. (soft upbeat music) Oh, that’s a nice temperature for me. For the red. – I like this temperature a lot. – Me too.
– I think a little bit warmer. – You do!
– Okay. – Okay, okay. But see, this is great for me, but the white was a little warm for me. – That’s fair. – So that was the Ivation, and it was 140. Really good price point right? – Yeah. – You like what you get for that money. – I do. – We’re gonna step it up a little bit, ask your guests to spend a
little bit more money for you, and this is from Wine Enthusiasts, so this is one of the best wine companies on the market right now. They actually have this
really fun registry service called thirstiness, where you can register for anything wine related. – That’s amazing for me! – I know! We should’ve looped you in before this. – Let’s do the marriage
thing all over again. – [Alyssa] So this one’s great. You can see it’s a lot bigger, right? – [Whitney] Yes. – [Alyssa] So this holds
thirty two bottles of wine, and the biggest difference with this one, is that you’ll notice
it has two temperatures displayed here, right? So, first of all it’s touch screen, but it’s what we call duel zone. So like, that one was one
temperature, your reds and your whites are gonna
be kept at the same temp, this lets you customize a little bit. So you’ll notice the above shelves, there are three shelves there, so you can do half and
half if you wanted to, or at 62 degrees, the
bottom half 50 degrees. So we set the bottom for a
better white temperature, and the top for a better red temperature. So let’s see if it makes a difference. – Yeah. – All right, we’ll start with the red. – This is also such a large
product, like I cannot – It is! – Get over how big it is. – And you know what, generally you wouldn’t,
we’re doing this for purposes so you can see it really well on camera, but you wouldn’t necessarily put it on your countertop like this. You can also store it in your cabinetry. – Cheers!
– Cheers! – Cheers! – And remember, this is the same red, so the only thing that’s gonna
be different is the temp. (soft upbeat music) – I think that’s a great temperature. – I think so too. It’s a little warmer. Do you notice it’s a little warmer? – It is a little bit warmer, I still like it a little
bit warmer than this. – So let’s see if you notice
the biggest difference, which is the white for
this one was too warm for you and I right? – Yes, correct. – You liked the white? – I did but let’s see. – Okay, let’s see if this white is a little bit colder for us. – So this is gonna be colder? – This is gonna be colder
we think than our first one. Cheers! – Cheers! (soft upbeat music) – Yeah this is definitely, it’s just a little crisper. – Yeah I feel like you
can taste the flavors a little bit better, right? – Yes, agreed. What do you think? – Yeah, I think you’re right. I do think it’s a little,
little bit colder, little bit better. – I’ve had my eyes on this guy. – Okay, so I guess we’ll
intro you into this. – This is also so large, – So big. – that I’m anticipating it holds, like at least eight bottles. – Okay, well, I’m gonna to disappoint you, but then I’m gonna excite you. – Okay.
– Okay. It only holds two bottles,
but this is called Plum. Now, you’re in for a little bit
of sticker shock when I tell you it retails for $2000 which
is a lot of money, right? But, it is your wedding. (Wayne laughs) You get to splurge. You’re rubbing your back as
if you need comfort right now. – Oh no, I need comfort,
I was comforting myself. (Alyssa and Whitney laugh) – So essentially what this is, it is a super smart wine fridge, it’s not even fair to call it a fridge, because it does so much more. So what you do essentially, is you put two bottles in here, and you can link it up to
your phone via Bluetooth. It scans the labels on your bottles, adds them to a library
database on your phone, so you can always keep track of any, you know that annoying thing, where like, oh we had that
really great bottle one time, what was it? – Yes. – And you’re forever
searching for the labels that had the same color, that
problem is gone with this. So all the labels will
be kept in your phone, automatically scans the wine, figures out which temperature
it needs to be at for you. – Are you serious? – Yep, serves it to you
at that temperature. And you know what we did? We put these same bottles in here, didn’t even uncork them, didn’t even take the screw tops off, you just put them in there, it penetrates them with a needle itself. – Okay. Even through the screw top? – Oh yeah! Through your screw top,
through your cork, anything, and it’ll keep en shooting
it in with argon gas, so it keeps it really crisp, keeps the flavors really light, and it’s just pretty awesome. All right, so basically what
you do is click into the wine label that’s displaying, so
if you notice it has our red label and our white label that
we had on the other fridges. So you just click into the red, and you can select a five oz pour, which is your traditional pour, or a one oz pour which is a tasting pour. – My traditional pour is
ten oz, if that’s fine. – Okay. You just stick your glass under here, press the one oz pour, and it
says dispensing in 3, 2, 1. And there it comes. All right, shall we try it? – Yes, I’m so excited.
– Cheers! – Cheers! (soft upbeat music) That’s nice temp. – That was actually nice. – This is warmer than the other two, but I actually think. – It tastes better. – That fridge is smarter than I am. – Yes, ’cause I would’ve kept it cooler – Yes!
– That’s a great point, yeah. – This is outstanding. – All right, so shall we try the white? – Yes please, here’s.
– All right, give me a glass. Again, you go through the same motion. So this time you select
the white wine label, again choose the five oz or the one oz. Press it, and it’ll dispense for you. Cheers!
– Cheers! – Cheers! (soft upbeat music) – A little warmer than I expected. – Agree. – But it tastes more flavorful too. – I agree. – Yeah. – What did you think about it? – I think it was really good, I actually think I prefer it colder, but it was really good. – So, let’s hear it, wine connoisseurs, if you were to choose one
of these for your registry, or for your home, you’ve
already been married, but that’s okay, for your
home, what would you choose? – Okay, I would choose this one right here and not just ’cause it’s the cheapest. – Sure. – No it’s because I don’t
really like chilled red, so the dual. – Doesn’t do it for you.
– Temperatures don’t do for me – Yeah you don’t need it. – I prefer my reds at room temperature. – So you’re very wrong. This is a great wine fridge, but you’re wrong about the temperature you should be serving reds and whites, so we’re gonna disregard,
it can’t style this, right? I would imagine I could come home, and just like grab one glass
and then go sit on the couch – Absolutely.
– and chill out because. – And that’s a great point
’cause this will actually will keep your bottles of
wines for up to 90 days. – And I just, I love that it
saves all the information, I love how animated it
is, I also notice like, there’s like details
about each wine on there. – Yeah, so it tells you the year, what region it’s from, it is really smart. – I know it’s $2000, but
if you’re registering, like that could be your big ticket item. – Yeah, and with the not registry, you can have a group
contribute to that ticket item, so it’s not like one person has to buy that off your registry for you. So, we’re gonna send
Henry to a wine class, to learn what temperature
he needs for his reds, you and I will finish these things. – Perfect! – And you guys should go to, start your registry if
you haven’t already, you can add all of these goodies to it, start charity funds, cash
funds for your honeymoon, or a puppy, whatever you want, you can start it with the Knot registry, and we will see you back
here soon with more videos. Thanks for joining us you guys! Bye. – Hi, thanks for watching. Make sure to like and
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