WEEKEND READING VLOG || Climate Strike, Wine Tours & Multi Reading! [CC]

Hey guys and welcome to Olivia’s Catastrophe! Today I’m gonna be doing something different. I’m gonna be doing a
weekend vlog. It is Friday. My weekends do start on Friday because I don’t have uni
and my weekend goes into Monday because I don’t have uni on Monday either. So
this is gonna be Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I decided to do this because
I’ve got some fun plans for this weekend. How much reading will be done I don’t
really know, but I’m gonna try my very best. We’re starting off by writing some
of my essay. It’s like, the week before midsem holiday so I’ve got quite a lot
of deadlines. I’ve got four more to go and I finished one yesterday. And I just
thought it’d be interesting to talk about what I am writing on in this essay
because it’s my children’s lit course. I’m writing on picture books. So I read
The Ugliest Dog in the World by Bruce Whatley and it’s very problematic. And I
love that because that makes up an interesting essay. In this one I’m
talking about how although the message is this dog is ugly, but it’s okay
because this girl loves him — although at the end she tacks on even though he’s
quite slobbery and then you have this picture of the dog looking very upset
about this. So like, hmm that already seems like it’s problematic. I’m also
focusing on the fact that when the author talks about how ugly the dog is
he dresses up the dog in different clothes. Like clothes that would be an
elderly woman clothes, that would be a criminal, and is essentially saying that
all these different people that he dresses the dog up as are ugly. And I
just find that very interesting… So, I’m writing that essay. We’re gonna do that
work and then we’re getting ready and going to the global strike because we are
going to be fighting for the rights of the environment which are very important
because there is no Planet B, guys, when we’re ruining it. I’m doing my best to
live more environmentally friendly than I did before. Little steps. Hey guys, so it is the next day. It’s
Saturday. I was exhausted when I got back from the climate march. I feel like they
didn’t expect as many people to turn up as they did. 100,000 ish people were
there approximately and I just got back, I had written basically all of my essay
in the morning like rush rush rush, written my whole essay, got on the thing,
went to the climate march, I was walking all day and then got back at like 8:00.
And on the way back I went food shopping. So I just got into bed and I fell asleep
at like, 9:00 which is not good because I’m trying to sort out my sleep schedule. That’s just too early so I woke up at like 3:00 a.m., posted on bookstagram
and watched booktube until now. Which is like, seven, and tried to get back to
sleep which didn’t work out. So whatever! Just gonna start my day now Gonna have my
oats. Gonna read while I do that. And I’m currently reading How to Bang a
Billionaire by Alexis Hall. This is a reread for me. I’m reading it for the first
time with a critical eye because the first two times I read it I was like: oh,
I loved this. But now I’m like, looking at it a bit more critically and seeing
whether I still like it or not. And so far so good! I am liking it. There are two
jokes that were a bit were a bit distasteful but other than that I’m
really liking this new adult m/m romance reread. Rereading the series to get to
the third one which recently came out because I’m very excited to read it, and
I kind of forgot what happened at the end of the second book. So I’m just
rereading my way there. Don’t usually do that but something new! So yeah, I’m gonna
make my oats and banahna like I always have in the morning because cereals in Australia… I’m sorry guys, it’s just lacking. It’s lacking. So I have
oats every morning and watch some booktube, read a little bit and
then we’re gonna get started with assignments for today. Okay, so, poems I have to read on Tuesday
and perform in class have been written. I’m a little bit nervous to preform these
poems because they are so personal and a lot of them are focus, well, all of them… They are focused on very, very black themes. And I was just actually writing
one of the poems where I include the names of women who have been killed by police
brutality, and also police brutality in ways that you wouldn’t expect. So ways
that are totally underserved and I was just going through this PDF of all their
names and photos and stories and I was getting so emotional because it’s
absolutely horrific what has been happening in the past couple years. And
these are even stories that are not really that famous. For example, burglary
and then they are the ones who are getting shot by the police, and it’s just
how does that make any sense? It’s undeserved and that someone’s life
gone and I was… I was getting so angry and upset and emotional while just
trying to write these poems. So when I perform them and receive critique for
them in the workshop because it’s my presentation that I’m giving on black
poets in the like… 1960s, 1950s. So I’m giving that presentation on three poets
I’ve been reading: Ntozake Shange, Nikki Giovanni and Jean Cortez and I
just… I don’t think it emotional in class. Guys, I’m really nervous. Hey guys, so I finished my rare books essay with my friend in the kitchen and I just
finished reading How to Bang a Billionaire and I’m very glad I reread
it because actually, the ending of the first book must have been more
significant in my mind than the ending of the second book because it’s what I
feared… I thought the ending of the first book was the ending of the second book,
and if I started the third book there would have been this huge gap in my mind.
So I’m glad I reread the first one. I really enjoyed that. It’s just, it’s so
sweet and romantic but at the same time they’re both developing and learning a
lot and how to communicate everything. Why do I like my romances with so much
angst about learning how to just be in a relationship and not much happens other
than that? I just, I honestly don’t know but anyway the plan now is like — this Saturday
is a bit boring ’cause it’s just resting and relaxing. My plan is to blog hop a little bit. Trying to get back onto the blogger
train. I watch booktube while I read blogs so I’m basically being active in
two platforms that way and yeah, spread some comment love. Hey guys, have you
noticed that I have a tendency to get into bed when I read? But I just read the
first seventh of The Sun is also A Star by Nicola Yoon and I don’t like the book. I
don’t like it so far. I think that the writing style is completely show and–no– completely tell and not show. And as well as that it’s just really in your
face educational. I feel like Charles is being demonized for the fact that he
doesn’t like Korean culture and yeah, not interesting and annoying. We have… chef can
tell us about it! What do we have here? We have stuffed bell peppers with couscous and chickpeas, with a bed of salad avocado. Yum, yum! Fey just wants to be in it. Good morning guys! So we’re just about to leave. It’s Sunday morning and today we
are going to South Yarra. We’re taking the coach there and we are going to be
visiting three different wineries, having tours, having tastings. We’re also going
to a chocolate factory for chocolate tastings and we’re getting a gourmet
lunch. So today is going to be fun. On the coach I intend to start reading American Love
Story by Adriana Herrera which is the third book in the American dreamers
series. New adult romance m/m. And it’s one of my five star predictions so
fingers crossed that it’s going to be a very good read. You should definitely
check out my five star prediction videos. All done in one take and that’s
entertaining. Okay, I better get going because I don’t be late. This is going on your channel? Yeah, do you not want to be in it? Nah, I’ll be in it! Cheers guys. Cheers! Guys don’t remember that Oompa Loompas
means racism so… Literally… don’t forget… I do English literature!! Hey guys, so I’m
back from the wine tastings and it was absolutely lovely.
I really enjoyed tasting some of those red wines in particular and especially
the Chardonnay, which is one of my favorite wines. And we went to three
different places. It was really nice. I had a lovely hot white hot chocolate at the
end and not many places make white hot chocolate so I was in heaven because
it’s literally the chocolate I like the most even though it’s not technically
chocolate. On the way there and on the way back I only read about 10% of Love
Story because I was just talking with people. But let me tell you that even if
you don’t read new adult romance… Like, I don’t know when the new adult is gonna come
into it but so far, Adriana Herrera, she’s not playing around. But this first 10%,
you know, who needs a romance? She’s pulling out the guns on racism and she’s
ready to talk about this theme. So I’m really curious to see where she’s gonna
take this. I’m looking forward to the romance kicking in but to be honest I
feel like it’s gonna get very serious here when it comes to race, when it comes
to the law and how having different political ideas or jobs that clash with
political ideas that you share could impact your relationship. It’s gonna be
serious and intense. I am ready. Oh, I also started How to
Belong with the Billionaire by Alexis Hall. I read four chapters. So far it’s
just been like, BDSM new adult stuff. I mean that’s all fine and dandy because we
didn’t have enough of that in the first book but yeah, I can’t really remember
where this one goes. I know how it ends but I can’t remember what happens in the
middle so I’m looking forward to that too. So for now I’ve got a presentation
I’m doing on Tuesday and I’ve done half of the work for that and I’m about to
start doing the other half. Hey guys! So it’s the last day of this — my
hair’s a mess — it’s the last day of this vlog. It’s Monday. I’ve really woken up
and I went to uni to print off all the stuff for my presentation. Presentations all done and ready to go. That’s three out of the five assignments
done. I also listened to the first four chapters of Sadie by Courtney Summers.
I’m liking it so far. People said the audiobook was way to go and they were
correct because it’s a podcast so it’s quite nice to listen to it. I don’t
really have much to say it’s just getting into it and I’m enjoying it so
far. I love that we have a main character who has a stutter. Today I am mostly
going to be doing readings for uni which is just a lot of nonfiction cramming
into my brain and I kind of break it up by reading chapters in between. So I’m
basically just gonna like, I’m gonna skip book club and just chill here. Read, study,
oh try and get a new booktube video out. My watch later list for booktube is
down to zero and I was so happy because at some point I was two months behind
and it’s good to be on top of things. Yep, that’s my plan. Oh and I just wanted
to also mention I went to the library and I got this: The Poppy War by RF
Kuang and I got this because I’m doing buddy reads. I shouted out on Twitter for
buddy reads and people responded so this is one that’s gonna be buddy read. So
I realized I didn’t even really close off the vlog properly. Oh wait hang on
let’s do the whole spiel. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it,
let me know the comments section down below what you are currently reading, hit
that subscribe button if you want to see more and don’t you forget the
notification bell to be updated every time I have a new video. Thank you so
much for watching. Goodbye!

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