Wegmans Red Wine Sauce

One of my secrets is to always
have some, sort of, prepared items; whether it’s in
the refrigerator or in the freezer. And I’m gonna make
a red wine sauce today. It’s something I always have on hand;
super, super versatile, freezes well; and if you’ve got around even–
sometimes I’ll freeze it in ice cube trays and then just go ahead
and add it to, even sautéed chicken breasts
at the end of a dish. And I’ve got an instant sauce
that tastes great. And it’s very,
very simple, okay? Three ingredients
that I’ve got right now, okay? I’ve got some shallot thyme
finishing butter; but ironically we’re actually
gonna start with it for this recipe. And I’m just gonna take
a couple of tablespoons, all right? And all I wanna do
is melt that. And that should just take
a minute or two to melt. It should take
a couple minutes; and this is just a foundation
for the red wine sauce. Okay so the butter’s melted,
so I’m just gonna go ahead and take the heat
from low up to medium. And I’ve got
one cup of dry red wine. You know,
always the rule of thumb– anything you’d want to drink
is what you should be cooking with– and I’m just gonna go ahead
and add this whole cup of red wine. And now it’s just a matter
of time and pressure. I wanna let this reduce;
it’s gonna take about 12 or 15 minutes. And when I say reduce I just mean
I want the flavor to concentrate; ’cause this is really–we’re just
gonna use it as a flavoring agent. So we’re gonna reduce
the amount of liquid, concentrate the flavor,
and use that to fortify our demi-glace, and we’re gonna
wind up with a perfect sauce. All right so this
is what I mean by reduction. We took that cup of red wine
and brought it down to about a quarter of a cup;
if I tilt the pot here, you can just kind of see
that it looks a little thicker. It’s not quite syrupy,
but the flavor is really concentrated. And now I just have
an eight ounce bag of our prepared demi-glace
that’s just gonna go right in there. I’m gonna give that
a quick stir. And that’s what I say:
this is such a great base sauce, and it goes really well with beef,
and tonight I’m gonna serve it with some perfectly roasted
beef tenderloin. I just have some
sliced here on a plate. This is just a gorgeous
red wine sauce. It’s really gonna make the difference
for your holiday meal. Try it
just as it is, or try any of the other
three variations in the recipe. I think you’re gonna love it.

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