Weird Holiday’s “National Drink Wine Day” (with Nate and Vin)

Its chunky! Its chunky! Hey everybody
that’s Nate…that’s Vin… and today is National Drink Wine Day. So my idea for National Drink Wine Day was to drink win, but Vinny is a terrible sadistic human being So what are we going today? We’re gonna play the wine matchup game. Basically in short we’re gonna figure
out which of these items back here fits best with a glass of wine. So some are
good some are bad we’re gonna pick them at random here. Three apiece?
alright paper rock scissors okay…that never goes well okay no listen listen
one two three go, one? (arguing) just that one first just yet
1 2 3 go. 1 2 3 go. 1 2 3 go Oh, that’s me! (arguing) Match game number 1 ladies and gentlemen the first pick of the game and I am going to choose this one right here and we have in your wine you will put Almond milk! What do you think and home does almond milk and wine… it’s not even mixing no it’s not even mixing it’s a little chunky, I guess just give it a go You drank all of it! Actually it has a real good almondy…I don’t believe you and why did you drink all of it? I’m not drinking all of mine we can establish that right now. So it’s my turn I’m hoping for pineapple juice Or very berry juice box. I hope you get
vegetable broth My gosh… in my red wine I will put… chocolate milk! Actually that could be good They put chocolate in wine. It doesn’t mix…I want a sip of that chocolate milk… It’s got particulates in it I mean its not as bad as i thought. It’s not terrible. Round 2 More wine sir? Vinny’s second pick…put in his red wine…no biggie Pineapple juice! Nice…Nice…I don’t even know how old that is…that’s fine…thats good. That’s actually really good. Is
it? Yeah it’s actually really good. Nathan’s the second pick! I do NOT want the vegetable broth. NOOOO! Yeah he got the vegetable stock hahaha (ughghghg) Put your cup over here. Make sure I get the bits on the bottom you know… (ughghgh) You want to smell it first? NO Just take a whif.
One whiff… (Nate takes a whiff) Stop! Stop! Stop… What is really good is that one is out of the way so I’m really not concerned too much about what’s else is going on there (Nate and vin talk) Here we go! Wine and vegetable stock… I mean you put wine in recipes right? Like stew? So this will just taste like stew… Whatever is gonna help you put that
down the best… This is stew…this is stew… Oh God…I’m trying not to throw up That tastes exactly like what you would think vegetable stock in red wine would taste like. Alright…round three you know
I was doing really good on the north I think I go south here and take the
corner…Wine! I got wine! wine with wine. Hey would you pour some more wine in here for me please? I’m really appreciating…National Just drink the wine…So that was the only wine in there right? That was the only wine in there… So I have no chance of getting it…yep no chance of getting anything that has wine…yep Please be a Very Berry Juice Box!…Very Berry Juice Box…Very Berry Juice Box… Baileys Irish Cream!!! Yeah…NO! That another of the worst ones. So my day has consisted of Bailey’s Irish Cream, vegetable stock, and chocolate milk Why is it crusty? How old is that? It’s fine dude we just bought this like five years ago. So I actually love Bailey’s…Ewh that is really not mixing…I don’t anymore. You need to get a close up on that one…oh my gosh…oh geez. It looks like peanut butter and jelly. It’s curdling! It looks like peanut butter and jelly. It’s curdling Ok. Hold on. Hold on. I gotta close my eyes…and my nose. (Vin laughs hysterically) Stop laughing! Ok. Ok. Sorry. I’m not going to look either. Gonna close my eyes. OHHH! It’s chunky! It’s chunky! Is it old? Is is old? Look at that!! OH. MY. GOSH!… I didn’t think it was that old. It looks like peanut butter. Ok. So I just had red wine and cheese apparently. Bonus Round? Look its getting thicker… (Vin gags). Oh my gosh. Alright! So that was terrible. I definitely won. You definitely won…but for the bonus round I’m going to pick two.. Oh. We gotta mix both. Yeah and we are both gonna drink it. Two things I picked. Gimme your cup/mixed with red wine. Coffee! Yeah! I actually wanted that in mine. Let’s see what goes with it. Alright! Does anything go well with coffee? Breakfast blend up in here…and cow milk! So coffee, cream and wine. Yeah why not? How about that just a tint? Yeah I just like a little cream in my coffee-wine. Dude! What is it what is it with the wine that it’s curdling the milk? Milk and acids don’t mix. Somebody look up the science behind why wine curdles milk products. Swirl and drink. Swirl and drink. Here we go. Here we go. That’s warm. It’s not as bad as the Bailey’s. You don’t like that? No that is bad. I don’t think its that bad. I don’t like it. You are going to throw up aren’t you? I’m going to throw up. Really? I don’t think that is that bad. Fine, here, take it cause I don’t want it. Well I don’t want two. Alright. So there you go! Everybody that is National Drink Wine Day. some of these are good some of these
are bad you try them share with us whatever you want to do but here here’s
the deal just enjoy some wine today yeah and if you want to play this game we will
actually put these cards in the description of the video
yeah so you can download and play yourself and tell us which one is the
absolute worst. Thanks for watching please subscribe to
our Channel and share this video for anyone you know who loves wine mixed
with milk…Weeeeird Stuff

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