What Are Your Racking Options When Building Custom Wine Cabinets?

Depending upon your home, it can be built
into like a niche or something and it looks like it’s built-in. Or it can be a freestanding cabinet, whichever. See there’s one there that’s got the big
molding on top — that’s built-in more or less because it was a niche that they
had room behind it that one was put across a whole end of a room so it looks
like it’s built in this is built in and it comes in sections like that one would
come in probably three sections and it would be put in place on site the whole
thing is customized we make it to fit your space we make it in a style what
will work for your space we can do wood rocks or metal racks the outside of the
cabinet is generally wood however if you want it real modern we can do a
stainless steel platen so it looks like stainless steel on the outside that
one’s stainless steel clad around the doors only but we can do the whole thing
stainless steel clad if you want now that one’s a Pegasus from inside
so we can do it many many ways and what the customers looking for but if they
don’t want to spend $30,000 on up then I would go to a cabinet we always ask them
you know they start at 30 on us then tell me the size of the space you have
tell me what’s above the space what’s behind this face to the each side of the
space do you want it to look modern or do you want it more traditional do you
want wood racking or metal racking do you want the outside you know wood or a
brushed stainless steel and with those things I can get you an approximate

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