What Goes With Caesar Salad? Pairing Wine And Salad!

Which wine pairs best with classic chicken Caesar salad Today, we’re comparing two affordable white wines, a dry Xynisteri varietal and an off-dry Sulta- nina wine called Thisbe. We’re going to find out which of these two white wines pairs best with a classic Chicken and Bacon Caesar salad. This is a white wine food pairing showdown that deserves your full attention! And make sure you stick around until the end, for my top tips on how to pair salad with white wine! Hey Tasters, this is Annabelle McVine. Welcome to the WineScribble YouTube channel, the home of Wine Applied Before we get started, if you’re enjoying the WineScribble videos, please do hit the ‘Subscribe’ button now. So first, let’s look at our tasty Chicken Caesar salad This is a beautiful healthy medley of salty, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan, roasted chicken slices, sweet-sour cherry tomatoes, all dressed with a classic Caesar sauce. We ordered it from The Salad Bar around the corner from our office. They have the most amazing salads! The links to their Instagram and Facebook pages are in the description below. Let’s now look at these two Cypriot wines first. We have Aes Ambelis Xynisteri, made primarily from Xynisteri blended with just a bit of Semillon. The Aes Ambelis Xynisteri white wine is a crisp dry wine of medium acidity with some mineral notes and aromas of lemon, pear and cut grass. This particular bottle reminds me of a good Pinot Grigio. This white wine is 12.5 percent alcohol and has a light, fast finish. The Xynisteri plays well with the nutty parmesan and is vibrant enough not to be overwhelmed by the sour notes from the tomatoes and the tangy Caesar dressing. Our other white wine is the Keo Thisbe, made entirely with Sultanina grapes Thisbe is a refreshing bright white wine both acidic and slightly sweet Rather than with aromas of apple pear and grapefruit This bottle reminds me a little of an off-dry Riesling, though admittedly not as acidic. The alcohol content is 11.5% and again, this wine has a short finish. It loves the tangy dressing and its honeysuckle notes coat the croutons very pleasingly. If I had to pick a winner I would choose Thisbe, the Sultaninna varietal. The slight sweetness in the style of this wine complements the tangy dressing perfectly, which in its turn coats every mouthful. Thisbe interacts with the salad as well as accompanying it. When it hits the sour elements, such as the tomatoes, it instantly thickens in the mouth, becoming Intriguingly fuller-bodied. If you want to learn more about primary, secondary and tertiary aromas in wine, go to WineScribble.com for our quick overviews. And for another food pairing between a lively white wine and another classic dish, enjoy our video comparing two different bottles of Prosecco with fried calamari. I have left all the links in the description below. And now here is my secret to successfully pairing salad and white wine: balance out the acidity. A bright and zesty salad requires a wine of similar disposition. The taste of the vinaigrette is the most important element. Unless the wine is sharp enough to balance out the acidity of the vinaigrette, the wine will end up tasting dull and flabby. So when pairing white wine with salad, pick a wine that is vibrant enough to stand up to the salad vinaigrette. So, Tasters, if you like this tasting video, click on the ‘Like’ button below and let us know. And share it with your friends. Also, please ask us your wine questions in the Comments section below. And remember, those who drink get drunk; those who taste feel sublime. I’ll see you on the next video.

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