What is the Dolcetto grape & Dolcetto wine all about? Guide to Dolcetto

Can you tell us what Dolcetto is like in the
vineyard, as a grape variety? Dolcetto is a typical Piemontese variety,
it’s not as famous as the Nebbiolo grapes or Barbera grapes, especially abroad but not
in Italy or the Piemonte because people know it very well and drink Dolcetto. The Dolcetto name means ‘sweet’, only because
the grapes are very sweet because if you compare Dolcetto to Barbera for example, Dolcetto
has less acidity than Barbera (Dolcetto grapes) and so when you taste the grapes, Dolcetto
grapes means sweeter than other typical Piemontese varieties. The most famous Dolcetto in the world, for
me, is the Dolcetto Dogliani. Because in this area, Dolcetto comes very
well. And Dolcetto, red wine, can age very well. Better than other areas, for example Alba
or Asti. Only because in this area, in Dogliani you
can find the vineyards of Dolcetto in the best exposure (south or southeast) and because
the altitude is more or less over 350 meters above sealevel to 400 meters. It is very good for earlier-ripening varieties,
such as Dolcetto, because it ripens slowly and so the wine is richer than other with
very typical fruity hints and very important polyphenol compounds. Important because it can age very well. Excellent, and so when Dolcetto is planted
on the best sites, higher altitude, cooler sites, how long can you age Dolcetto? What is its ageing potential? Obviously it depends on the vintage. But sometimes Dolcetto cru can age more than
10 years. We can’t compare Dolcetto to Nebbiolo, Barolo
or Barbaresco, because its completely another thing. But the most important and great Dolcetto
can age 10 to 15 years. Excellent, and you make a delicious Cru Dolcetto
but it is only €11… is it very difficult to sell Dolcetto to the world? Unfortunately it is not easy! It’s not difficult, but it’s not easy to sell
Dolcetto because people usually don’t know very well the history of Dolcetto because
probably they haven’t tasted Dolcetto before. And because when foreign people are here,
in the Langhe, they prefer to taste other types – Barolo, Barbaresco, and so it’s not
easy to sell Dolcetto in the world. But it’s worth it! It’s a good one. It’s a good wine and for me it is very interesting
because Dolcetto is not an expensive wine. Excellent, fabulous. Grazie!

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