What is Vegan Wine?

Excuse me waiter, there’s a fish in my
wine. I have a lot of friends that are vegan, so I know about some of the
challenges that come along with the lifestyle. One of the more recent issues
for vegans is, vegan wine. Did you know that such a thing even existed? Wine is
just grapes, right, so what’s the issue? How can it get any more vegan than that?
Well if you’ve ever seen a newly made wine before, it’s kind of cloudy and
generally speaking people don’t enjoy or buy cloudy wines. So for centuries
winemakers have had to try to figure out ways to make wine crystal clear. In
order to get a wine looking like this a winemaker adds a substance known as a
“fining agent,” to the wine. This physically binds with particles in the wine and
drags them down to the bottom of whatever container it’s in, making your
wine really crystal clear. With thousands of years of trial and error, winemakers have been able to figure out what works best for getting a wine nice
and clear, but this is where the controversy comes in for vegans – because
in the past they’ve used things like Bulls blood, egg whites, and yes powdered fish organs! The good news is that there is a fining
agent that is vegan-friendly” it’s called Bentonite and it’s a type of
clay found at the bottom of rivers and streams.
That’s right – clay! Even better news, is that this is the type of fining agent
that most wineries are already using. No matter what type of fining agent is
used in a wine there’s something I want you to keep in mind: fining is a passive
process, it doesn’t add anything into the wine. As a matter of fact, its job is to
take stuff OUT of the wine, to clarify it. So it’s not contaminating the wine or
changing it in any way. Most vegans that I know are willing to let a few things
slide here and there because it’s just so hard to eat a purely vegan diet. But
if you’re hardcore and you just don’t want to take that chance, there are
certain wine brands out there that specifically call out that they’re vegan-friendly. I’m not well educated on veganism but from what I understand
there’s a website called barnivore.com where you can go to learn about drinking
vegan. The great news is that no matter what your choice of lifestyle there’s
most likely a wine out there with your name on it! If you like what I’m doing
here and you’re learning about wine spirits and food, there’s more where that
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Alright guys all this talk about fish is making me thirsty!
Time to get my gills wet. Cheers!


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