Where to get Local Wines in Santa Cruz, California?

Hello and Welcome! We are at Vinocruz in downtown, Soquel. Right here in sunny California. I’m Shemeika Fox, Your Santa Cruz Real Estate Expert and we are with Matt Schofield the owner of this fine establishment. Matt! Welcome, Shemeika! How’s business? Thank You! I’m excited to be here. And I’m excited to host an event here tonight. I hope a lot of people show up. I do as well. So how’s business? How long have you guys been here? A year? We are almost 2 years in. Oh my gosh! It’ll be 2 years in October! That’s awesome! So yeah. We have over 55 local wines by the glass here. That is so crazy! At any given time you could get any of those wines by the glass, you could do half pours, you can create your own flight, we also have a few flights that we’ve generated. That’s exciting! People are coming back, time and time again! I think it makes it more accessible too because if it’s just wine, one; you can’t bring your kids, but two; if you’re not a drinker or if you don’t like wine or beer, that’s not your thing, it’s hard. I had one of the girls email me and she’s like, “Well, I’m not drinking right now. But I’ll come eat.” So I’m like, “Perfect! There’s food there!” So I think food makes anything accessible to more. So that’s exciting. Absolutely! And that was a major reason why we decided to add food. We are getting a huge response for our food. People are coming back time and time again, they love the food here. So this is where the magic happens! Yeah! It actually is quite magical, considering the size of this space here. And the fact that we don’t even have an open flame. Everything that we make here, at Vinocruz, is made from scratch in house, all the way from our crab cakes down to the slider buns for our short rib sliders.

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