Whisky Quarterly Ontario – Q1 2019 – Review – Deanston 2008 Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured

(easy beat music) – We’re gonna be looking at the Deanston. It’s a nine year old single malt. It’s the Bordeaux Cask’s
special wine finish. It’s a bit of a stomper at 58.7% ABV. Nine years aged in French wine barrels. First thing you get is a lot of alcohol. And a sharp wine note as you can imagine being aged in French wine barrels. What I would recommend on this one is three to five drops of water just to cut it back a little bit so it won’t, shouldn’t be too shocking. And let it sit after you add the water for a couple of minutes. Don’t brave it at cask
strength, you won’t enjoy it. But with cutting it back with the water you definitely will. It’s icing sugar sweet. Really spicy, partly due to flavor, partly due to the alcohol. And it’s a bit of a monster. So this is not best enjoyed by the novice. Somebody who has had some experience will it enjoy it though because you can get under the layers of the onion on this one and really try to figure it out. What I would suggest is,
see if you can find yourself a Deanston that isn’t
specialty wine finished and compare the two. I think you’ll probably enjoy it more if you do that. This one I have scored an 84. So it is definitely something
that you should partake in. Just beware. Cheers!

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