White Wine Barrel Aged Sour Wench

Nineteen pounds of blackberry puree Which, along with the acidity that we get from our house lacto culture really adds wine character to it, a lot of berry flavor It’s just a really drinkable, delicious, 7% beer The whole goal for this was to not take away too much from Sour Wench With barrel-aging we want to give tribute to 3 different attributes The barrel, the liquid that was in it prior, and the base beer. White wine adds new layers onto that beer, making it more complex. What’s really cool about what we do is, we mix up oak species Not only are we blending different flavors of wines together We’re also getting to bounce around with basically, oak chemistry Triple layer flavors and aromas with the oak As time goes on, the flavors of this beer are changing a lot What’s in this bottle, that blend is really a nice layering of both the beer and the barrels to make a complex, amazing end product.


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