White Wine Vodka Sangria

– [Narrator] Oh my God,
this drink is so beautiful. It’s like a Victoria’s
Secret’s model on the runway, pure sexiness, homeboy. Did you watch that last night? Anyway, let’s get down to business. This is the white wine vodka sangria. Fresh lime slices. Fresh raspberries. Fresh kiwi slices, are you
looking at the color scheme here? This color scheme says, “You know what, we are sexy.” Moving on we hit it
with some citrus vodka, then we come behind that
with some raspberry vodka. Some of you are going, “Wait
a minute, this is sangria. “Can you put vodka in a sangria?” We just did, Hallelujah,
can I get an amen? Then we come behind that
with a bottle of white wine. You can use a Pinot Grigio,
you can use a Sauvignon Blanc, you can use a Moscato. Once it’s white, it’s good to go. So steal Grandma’s wine, use that. Then we top that off with some soda water. Bang! Give that a stir, and then guess what? And there you have it! The white wine vodka sangria. Homeboy, this delicious,
I shouldn’t be drinking, but I just killed that pitcher. Stay tipsy! (electronic music)


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