Why a glass of wine with dinner is good for you

Wine lovers already know a sip or two, is
good for you. Scientists continue to debate exactly how this ancient tonic brings benefit
to the heart, mind and soul. We all know…………a touch of alcohol is able to take some of the
psychosocial stress out of eating dinner, with the in-laws. But what about the biological
stress of eating dinner ? Can a glass of wine help ? A team from the University Hospital
of Zurich, set about investigating the pros and cons of drinking a little alcohol, when
consuming that big Sunday lunch. It turns out, it can be de-stressing for the digestive
tract. Join us for this episode of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV as we uncover why winding
down your digestive tract, is so beneficial. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you
by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps
& other health horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make
a big difference to your health. Now the team invited 20 volunteers, to dip into a cheese
fondue. Now, if you’re wondering why fondue ? Remember this is a Swiss study. The volunteers,
14 males and 6 females, were all healthy and relatively skinny i.e. they had normal body
mass index, their average BMI was 23.6. The volunteers tucked into cheese fondue on two
different occasions, a week apart. On one occasion they enjoyed a little wine, with
their cheese fondue and then rounded off their decadent meal, with a little water 90 minutes
later. On the other occasion, they were tea totalling. Quite literally, they were served
black tea with the meal and a glass of plain old water 90 minutes later. The research team
kept tabs on the digestive tracts activities, through regular breath tests. And well, just
like the brain slows down a little following a tot or two of alcohol, the digestive tract
relaxes too. Digestion of the fondue dinner slowed down. This can be seen by measuring
how quickly a radiolabelled molecule moves through the system. The glass of wine slowed
things down significantly. But, the gut still worked. Gastric emptying ticked along nicely,
so there was no danger of things screeching to a halt resulting in indigestion. Now contrary
to what you might expect, slowing things down IS a good thing. Metabolically speaking. It
reduces stress. Specifically postprandial stress. This is the angst faced by your liver,
as all the calories you’ve just consumed, come rushing into the liver for “processing”.
When things come into the liver from the small intestine, thick and fast, the liver has to
work really hard. How hard depends on what precisely was in the meal. Items that are
particularly challenging are fructose and carbs, especially high glycemic carbs, because
well they’re loaded with readily available glucose. Slowing things down a little – relieves
the pressure. This research suggests, a glass of wine with dinner, is able to make dinner
a slightly lower glycemic affair. Dulling the sugar spike. Now, the absence of an enormous
sugar spike, will mean that the pancreas isn’t forced to push out mass quantities of insulin,
in a frantic attempt to get things back under control. So a glass of wine with dinner, helps
rein in insulin. So, don’t be too afraid to enjoying a glass of wine, with good friends
and good food. It really is good for you. BUT REMEMBER – one glass takes the edge
off, more alcohol than this can flatten the system, leaving you a little more stressed,
not less. And wine like most things that taste good, is not calorie free ! But it does create
BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY when consumed in moderation, with a meal. Interested in discovering more
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