Why I don’t drink Coffee // Ft. J Lynn

Just to be clear, this video is not here to convince
you not to drink coffee. It is just me explaining why I don’t drink
coffee. If you want to drink it, that’s fine. But if you want to drink coffee with me, I’ll
be drinking something else. We’re clear? Cool 😀 Then let’s start with the first reason why
I don’t drink coffee! I don’t like it… Given I only tried coffee once, but it was
enough to make me realise that it’s not my thing. A lot of people usually say that coffee is
something you have to learn to drink. That no one likes it the first time but after
drinking it a couple of times you will get used to the taste. But that’s a horrible reason! Why would I spend, I don’t know how long
it takes, 2 weeks drinking something disgusting so I can drink it every day later. While I could just drink something I like
right now and will still like after those 2 weeks I would have been drinking coffee. The numbers don’t add up! But Ant, then what do you drink? I drink soda, and yeah that
might not be that healthy but, life is too short to drink healthy anyway And Soda saves you a lot of time, because
you can just open a bottle and pour it into your glass. For coffee you have to first make it, and
I don’t know how to do that. But it takes a lot of time to make it and
I don’t have time for that. I have to make antmations, and sleep, that
sort of stuff. My final reason is that coffee is addicting,
and while there are worse things to be addicted to. I know people who have to drink coffee everyday
otherwise they go crazy. And I don’t want to depend on whether I
have coffee or not. I already have to sleep every day, eat every
day, drink every day. And I guess while you have to drink something
anyway you could go ahead and drink coffee. But if we wouldn’t have coffee at our place
you would go crazy because you need your coffee. I can just drink anything and I’m fine. You really don’t drink coffee? You’re missing out on something. Pfff, says the girl who doesn’t watch anime. Oh, Coffee is much better than Anime! Oh yeah? You want to have a duel? Anime vs Coffee? Bring it on! I am the future pirate king Monkey D. Luffy! I have the powers of the gum-gum fruit! I defeated 3 warlords of the sea and became
allies with another 3! I will destroy everything! AAAAAAAAAAH,
IT’S HOT, IT’S HOT, IT’S HOT! It burns! it, aaaaaah! You have been slain! Don’t throw coffee in people’s faces kids,
it’s not nice. Again, I want to thank J Lynn again for
voicing in this video. When I asked her to collab with me again she
was kinda hesitating because we just did one. But when I said that she could throw coffee
into my face, she was more than happy to do it. She also made me some nice fan art, isn’t
that amazing! Also, Vartin427 made some fan art of me and
other people from Munkiuke’s discord server, it’s pretty cool check out his youtube channel. It’s gonna take a while again before my
next video will be out, but I think I’m just not gonna say that anymore because, this
is already the third time I’ve said that about one of my videos. So because there usually is a lot of time
in between my videos I don’t think I have to mention it everytime. I think I should end this end card now, because
I don’t want it to end up as long as the actual video. I’m not gonna talk Chinese but thanks for

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