Why is there an Alcohol Shortage in Michigan?

So the holidays are approaching. You go
to get grandpa a nice bottle of scotch. You get to the liquor store and..wait
what’s this about a liquor shortage in Michigan? A bottle of liquor starts at a manufacturer. But they can’t sell the bottle right to the store. It actually goes to the state. That’s right Michiganders, you
temporarily own a lot of liquor. But it’s not hiding out in a closet at the state capitol. The state acts as a wholesaler. And three companies are
authorized to warehouse and distribute that liquor to bars and party stores. That’s how it gets from the manufacturer to people like you and me. So what’s the hold up? Republic National Distributing company distributes nearly 2/3 of the liquor that ends up on our bar and liquor store shelves. Recently they upgraded to a new facility in Livonia. But the move came with
unexpected issues, including software problems and a different company
accidentally cutting its fiber line. It’s resulted in stock shortages and
deliveries being delayed. In short, liquor is in short supply this holiday season. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission is taking steps to hold the company accountable, including possibly through monetary penalties. RNDC says it’s taking steps to fix the issues by the end of the month. Cheers to that!

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