Why This Bottle Of Wine Costs $850

James Schramko here, and this bottle of red wine is worth around $850 and it could be yours. So how could this bottle be worth $850, you might be asking? Well, Max Schubert, the person who invented Penfolds Grange, went to Europe to learn their secrets and came back to Australia and found the best grapes he could find. And he started making this Grange brew. But when the board of Penfolds wanted to test the wine, they didn’t like it. And they told him to stop making it. But Max was very determined. So he kept making it in secret for several years, until they redeployed the project. And by now, they’re starting to win awards with this Grange. So it has become a metaphor for high quality, the best ingredients, the most persistent production values. And that’s why, when I run SuperFastBusiness Live, I’m going to give away this bottle of Grange. You could win this and I’m going to explain how. So on the schedule, the event I’ve provided for some 10-minute presentations from attendees, Five micro 10-minute presentations from attendees. So if you have a ticket to SuperFastBusiness Live, you’re going to get details on how you can submit your pitch to be one of those 10-minute presentations. And we are going to vote a winner at the event and you could take home this lovely bottle of Penfolds Grange worth around $850. Now you may be wondering what makes this event so special. And it’s simply this, it’s about connection. There are only around 120 attendees to this event so you will meet every other person at this event. We also eat together and we have networking dinner together. So you’ll be there with the highest-level SilverCircle members, the expert speakers and me, and the other attendees, getting to know each other sharing the best online marketing intel. This is not a free event and it’s not a pitch event. So it’s not part of some funnel where you go along and get a sales pitch. You get the actual product, the content, or one fantastic contact, or one affiliate partner. Plus, when you come to the event, I’m going to be giving you a SuperFastBusiness hoodie, a brand new one in your size. How good is that? Now if you’ve been wondering whether you should come to a live event, I think you should consider when you have an online business, the real power, the gold is face-to-face connections, getting away from the computer, away from your business, thinking about your business, working on your business while you’re away from it, getting ideas from people who are already more successful than you in one room over just a couple of days in a concentrated environment is unbeatable. And I can trace back all the success I’ve had online to being in the room, face-to-face. I’ve been traveling overseas for the last 10 years, gathering intel, making contacts. That’s why my Rolodex is so good. So if you want to get out of the office for a few days, come and meet some amazing contacts, have a chance at presenting some top content at the event. You can list yourself as a speaker at the event if you do that. You might even win this amazing $850 value of Grange. Hope to see you at SuperFastBusiness Live 2020, it’s in March. Details at SuperFastBusiness.com/live. I’m James Schramko. Thanks for watching.

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