Winc Wines x Freeform | Wine & Halloween Candy Pairings | 31 Nights of Halloween

Hey, everybody. Brooke here, from Winc Wines. In honor of Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween, I’m here to suggest the perfect candy and wine pairings. Let’s start with chocolate. Always a go-to. Not a lot of people realize that chocolate is best paired with a heavier wine. Whether plain or with a sweet filling, a glass of our Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon, with its bold and jammy notes, makes a bloody good statement. If your guests prefer fruit chews, pour them a glass of pinot noir. Our Folly of the Beast is rich in ripe, red fruits that complement these sweet treats. But don’t be fooled by its playful flavor profile — it’s a pure psychological thriller for your palate. Next up, gummy worms. A varietal with a bit of dryness, such as our Diviner Sauvignon Blanc, combines wicked notes of crushed rock, apple, and lime zest, to perfectly balance the gooey, tart taste of a gummy. And who can forget classic candied corn? Do you want me to touch the candied corn? The buttery texture and creamy vanilla play with the senses by pairing with Undercard Cabernet Sauvignon. Containing notes of blackberry, plum, smoke, and a little bit of spice, it will spook the taste buds in the best way. Trust me, you can’t go wrong throwing a Halloween party with any of these wine and candy pairings. If you’re a Winc Wine subscriber, your October delivery will include a special treat from Freeform. Happy Halloween, everyone! Happy Halloween!


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