Wine and Food Tasting in Rome – Rimessa Roscioli

what’s the best for us, do we do 6 here or 3 and 3? I think it’s better 3 because you need space for all the glasses. Barolo you drink? – Yes, when someone else is paying I drink My isssue is also to give you things that has got a high quality, but they are not really well known, so so they do not
cost the same price of the ones that are known,
so don’t be scared about it. – Okay, I think there’s like a range, I think
some people know a lot and people like me don’t know anything. Before I was
proposing a thing that I call sideways Italy wine and food tour, it means that I actually take wine from 3-4 different regions from North
to South and we will finish of course with Piedmont. We will touch Tuscany but from a different side maybe. Now we move in the world of mozzarella
this thing you cannot have it outside of the region. The reason for that because
it’s got a life of 24 hours, someone says even 18, actually who is
really into the mozzarella says that a mozzarella shouldbe eaten from six o’clock to 8 o’clock in the morning, that’s its best. They use it instead of the cappuccino or they put in
the cappuccino, I don’t know. This is Buffalo milk. And when you do like that you should
have the water coming out, if you don’t have that is not a fresh
mozzarella. So good! Wow! Crunchy, chewy and milky. -Perfect!-
it has to be crunchy the first bite, chewy the second and it should squeeze in your mouth as a fresh milk. If you don’t have high quality milk you cannot do this.That’s the issue. I have some 85 from… one of the best wines I have. First rule of wine tasting in my opinion is not to trust any stupid sommelier like me, it is a joke, but it’s not, you have to
trust your palate. This is a friulano, it means coming from Friuli, north
east of Italy, a region close to the border of Yugoslavia. the grape was
called the Tocai, but we cannot call it Tocai anymore from 2009 because
European Commission sad that there was a trial between the Hungarian Tocai, which is a sweet wine. Even if the Italian Tocai got 1,000 years of tradition and teh Hungarian Tocai 400 years of tradition, but we lost it, there was Berlusconi… All the world that’s been conquered by
the most stupid cow world that is actually the Frisona, that comes from
holland is that it’s a beautiful cow to see but it produced 45 litres of milk
every day, it’s a milk that’s not really rich in fatness and in carbonite so you
cannot make cheese that I have this consistence. What is interesting in Parmigiano is the balance between the sweet part and the salty part. I have a lot of
horrible stories, I’m not gonna tell it now, It means that I mean most of the things maybe you taste that you have in the United States, but not
just in the United States, they they have a sort of an inventive tradition behind.
Something that was made for the market.
This doesn’t mean that these are bad wines, like this doesn’t mean that the
Indian fast food is bad in New York but it’s nothing to do with traditions. All
the different things of the wine, all the different aromas that wine has, why do
you want to do that? Because ninety-five percent of your palate is in your nose,
and why you want to smell and spend all this time smelling a wine. First reason
because you are a stupid sommelier, so sometimes you like to show
off and you do this thing and so on.. This is a matter
sometimes you know, I’ve been tasting, I’ve been doing some wine tasting with
some professional sommelier that were spending hours and (just drink the f** wine). Say idiot things like Afghan roses,Russian leather… We should understand this complexity for one reason because wine is the only fruit juice, fermented fruit juice that has got a
complexity: you can have pineapple, apricot, spicy all in one. In
a pineapple juice you will taste pineapple, and that’s it, in an apple
fruit juice you will taste apple. That’s why we make one wine with grapes, because grapes is incredible, the skin is great, it has some specific molecular that they change all
the time. And also wine is life: one year after two years or three years it changes
over time, it depends on the vintage, it depends on the grape you use, it depends
on the soil, there are a lot of incredible things are actually around
the compleity of a wine, so approaching a tasting is not just getting drunk, it
is about is about entering in sort of a artistic approach, to think aesthetic
approach. I’m not saying the wine is a piece of art, someone says that, I do not believe that, we are going too far. But getting into the complexity of wine is
like getting into a complexity of a painting of a book, because
most of the time your palate decides “I do not like it”. I’ve seen
tasting where everybody I love this wine”, and they don’t drink it.
And wine is good when you drink the whole bottle alone, crying… -Spicy- More spicy and salty then citric, because if it had been only citric it would be just on the
side of your tongue, but you’re feeling it in front of your teeth. That this is the opposite of a Napa Valley Chardonnet, I know it could be shocking but this is the wine, not that. With this cheese it should come out more the saltiness of the wines. This cheese here should drown the wine, in a better way. -I think it’s pretty drowned
already- And let’s try also with this one here Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse, red cows, this is the one we open with. -That’s incredible.-This parmesan is so good!- Without that cheese it was… strong? Not strong, but I sort of tasted the alcohol,
but with the cheese I lost the alcohol tase so it was really really nice.
-The wine I usually drink is the GAVI which I love, so what’s the kind of grape that comes in a Gavi?- okay Gavi s a grape it’s called Cortese, and there’s not a lot to say about that. This is a reserve from 2007, -no matter what- you need
to serve a bit in the glass so if you can resist, just wait a while before you drink.
This is the same grape of the Montalcino, it’s the Sangiovese, but it’s
a variety that is called Prugnolo Gentile. So what can you tell us about
Montepulciano? Montepulciano is a village. Before saying something about Montepulciano we have
to distinguish because people do not know that there is a grape that is
called Montepulciano and there is a village that is called Montepulciano. This is Nobile di Montepulciano, one of the oldest tradition of winemaking, even if it is only to 150 years they call it Nobile, because
it was a noble family that thought that their wine was actually noble and they started to call it Nobile, but they produce wine for, it’s more than
1,000 years that they produce wine there. Oh Jesus! Anyway we
are talking about the best producer of Montepulciano, absolutely Boscarelli, so
we are tasting probably the best wine of theirs. This is the maximum
expression of Sangiovese- -Oh I have one more question: what is the best vintage
for Tuscan wines? It really depends on on on the vineyard,
on the winemaker and someone says 2004 in my opinion 2004 is be too hot, too
warm, it being overrated, most of the time they mess it up, the journalists, saying this is great vintage and then discover it’s not. They were picking a
beautiful 97, all the 97 area dead now. Sassicaia 88. Okay a few weeks
ago I had Sassicaia 88, Sassicaia 97 Sassicaia 88, Sassicaia 97 Sassicaia 88 was much better than 97, it was younger than 97. To understand a wine that is still a bit
compressed you know on the nose while on the mouth it can explode but it is at
the moment it’s a big role somehow you need to breathe a bit. This is called the Nanni Copè, this guy is incredible, he knows every single plant, because he’s got two thousand plants. I was
there on the videos with him -So nice-
-I like it young-


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