Wine Christmas calendar. December 2nd

Hello and welcome to this Christmas calendar, wine calender. I am Nikolaj and this is João. I am João, yeah. So… What more than João? João… Just,just… Ah, Dr. João… Dr. what was it? We will go through that later Well this is a Christmas TV calendar which is quite a popular thing in Denmark. Started back in the 60s and was every year. In the beginning was just a couple of , just one show. But but now it is 8 different shows running this Christmas in Denmark. But it is quite a new concept for you. Yeah, for me it, is for me it is. We don’t have it here, unfortunally. This type of Christmas calendar in every possible way that you have in Denmark. Yeah we don’t have it, so no. You say we have a lot of different ones. We have the TV ones and you have the chocolate ones, that you know. But we also do packages we get a small present every day And we also have, yeah with chocolate but also with beers and… maybe not wine, I am not sure, but licorice or honey So the idea is we are having a wine Christmas calendar and gonna taste 24 wines 24 wines… 24 wines… 24 wines You brought some interesting ones Prepare yourself… 24 wines! We are gonna try them all
Yeah from every option so… An there is gonna be one, one per day One per day. We will show one per day so we will end on the Christmas Eve. So between sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, ports, people can choose several types of top wines. Some of them will be cheaper
and some of them will be more expensive but that’s with each one of them. It is a big range from five euroes to fifty.
Five to fifty. A bit for everybody.
Yes, a bit for everybody. But all good wines! The idea is to merge on this
on this session that we filming 24 moments that were top moments during this year Let’s begin
I will start for the first one What did you bring? That is a sparkling wine, Quinta do Rol, okay. A Great Reserve from 2010 based on Pinot Noir Se the bubbles are very alive for a wine that was seven sparkling wine that was seven years ageing. They are fully alive. This is a, this is the first good sign that you can have from a, from a sparkling wine okay. But what does the bubles give? They are the motor of wine. They are the engine of this wine. The bubble is what keeps the sparkling wine alive in your mouth and the type of bubble will say to you how it will be this wine in your mouth. Okay!
Okay? If it will it will be energetic or if it will be more soft. With a more soft behavior.
With a pickle on the tongue. So this smell that you have mostly is from the aging that this wine suffering. [Music] In the mouth is amazing, the behavior. It is amazing Yeah it goes all over. All the mouth, very soft. It doesn’t harm you. These bubbles doesn’t harm in any way. It’s, it’s a soft behavior but long enough, persistent. The price of this wine I think it’s around 15,16 euros so it’s an awesome option for the kickoff of the Christmas Eve. So I believe that is this is a correct price. It’s not so expensive for what this one is showing to us. This is the top wine. The strongest points on this one, like I told you. Are… the full body. This wine in your mouth reaches every corner on the mouth And it stays there… And it stays there And are the details though, these, these sweet apple details And the aroma the flavors from the aging process. One of the highest momentss in this year one of the top sparkling wines that I ever tasted during the last years. This is the best option for the for starting the Christmas Eve This is the best option for the the the appetizers. Put some cheese with this wine okay you’ll not regret it. That’s normal in your your home town. That’s normal, that’s normal in my home town. For sure it should be normal everywhere, because… Tomorrow I hear you have a surprise for us? I will not say I will not say what I will bring tomorrow. But looking forward to trying out You need to wait, you need to wait I think that we have started in the best way. That is always a good way to start. I’m really a fan of this of this one. So I think we started in the good way. Let’s see what will come tomorrow Cheers! Cheers!

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