Wine Education 101: Juan Muga describes Tempranillo.

The Tempranillo is the… we have got the Tempranillo in Spain, is the most famous…. red variety, is all over Spain, is Tempranillo but in many places, they call it, by different names as in Tinta de toro, Tinta del Pais Tinta Fina, Tempranillo Peludo In a strange way they have different names, in different places Different name for the same variety, for the Tempranillo Tempranillo is the most complex variety as a red variety in Spain, but as all the varieties, always needs some help We are using Rioja, Tempranillo is using…. mostly Tempranillo It looks like… if you compare it to any other variety looks a littlebit like Cabernet syrah a little bit… between both, so we need some help, and we help with acidity for example, the acidity for Rioja Rioja wines is very important because our wines we keep in a…. aging in oak, long time The Mazuelo gives the acidity, to the Tempranillo, the acidity is the, muscles of the, of the Tempranillo, that is why is important, then the Graziano, who gives the body, and the Garnacha Grenache how gives the fruit, the fresh fruit To complement the Tempranillo, those are the three varieties we are using

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