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Is there a shortcut to learn about wine? Really? It’s a question because many… Is that a question? Yes… The shortcut to learn about wine? Pass me the bottle I’ll show you. You don’t even need glasses, you just… then you learn! Now, if you want to learn all the other stuff, there are all sorts of classes. The one thing that there is no shortage of in this world is wine classes. Anything form your local retailer to wineries who are presenting their products at your local retailer for tasting to more serious courses at your local community college or through organizations such as the WSET, the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, all the way up to becoming a Master Sommelier or a Master of Wine. But the shorcut, those are not shortcuts. The shortcut is to drink. I know quite a lot of people who have consumed a lot of wine but… Didn’t learn anything. No. I’ve got bad news for you. They didn’t learn anything because they didn’t want to learn anything. They were after the wine because they like the taste. They probably liked the effect, maybe in different order, they like the effect and they like the taste. Or like the effect but didn’t particularly like the taste, but the effect was worth it. And yes, you can drink as much wine as you like and you won’t learn unless you want to learn. And for example, if you want to learn about wine by yourself at home quietly, then is there any good way to do that? There are self-study courses. You can do them online or you can go to classes. But the key to learning about wine is that you have to want to learn about it. That’s the bottom line. You can go into a liquor store or a restaurant, wine bar, a place that serves wines by the glass and you can drink 3 or 4 different glasses of wine. Or even in some of them you can buy tasting sips. So not the full glass of wine but just the tasting amount, you can do 6 or 7 without getting drunk for a few dollars each, really learn a lot about wine. Yes, at many wine shops I also saw they offer some kind of tasting courses or simple wine courses. Yes, at many wine shops, also some liquor stores have these machines like a Vinomatic/Enomatic machine. Uh-huh, OK. And they are various in brand names, Vinomatic is one of them. It’s an automatic machine and it dispenses wine according to the quantity that you wish. So it will dispense a full glass or a tasting amount. Or sometimes a tasting amount, 4oz pour and 6oz pour. And some of those are operated by either coins or tokens. So you can go into one of those stores that have one of those. Buy yourself a bunch of tokens, really taste a lot of wine. Have you ever used those machines? Yes. Did you like it? You don’t have to listen to somebody tell you how good something is or isn’t. You don’t have to wait for them to get around to pouring you something. You decide what you like either because you know what you want to drink or because the bottle is pretty or whatever it might be. You take your coin or your token, you put it in, you choose the size that you want, or sometimes it’s card. You buy a card, you put a certain amount of money on the card and then you stick the card in, select whatever you want and according to what you want, it debits the cards with that amount of money and you take your glass, go to the table. Or you take 3 or 4 glasses, go to the table, compare them. There are so many ways to… not so much shortcut but there are so many ways to acquire an immense amount of knowledge of wine in a relatively short period of time. There is some common thing in your explanation. Drinking and Interest. Yes, well, you can’t learn about anything without an interest in it. You will only learn about things if have to learn about them, which means you have an interest because you have to learn it. Or if you have an interest in it in the way
of a hobby or a potential career or something like that, or a passion. Or you will learn because you want to learn. Once you have those things, sky is the limit. How about watching Greatwine2u’ videos? That’s the obvious one. Go to, we’ve got a bunch of content there everything from cartoons, you talk about a quick way of learning about something, to Jay and I talking and drinking, to more serious essays written by yours truly. Sure there is a host of content there and in other places and the beautiful thing about our content is, it’s also related to our wines. So if we give you a bit of content, we usually select a wine that you can pick up on the website to go along with the content that you’ve just consumed. How’s it about that for a shameless plug. Good!

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