Wine from the land of Smurfs! – Casal Mendes

This is Sven and Maureen. One minute. One minute, just one minute. Just wait one minute. Okay. Let them wait one minute. Honey. Okay. All right. Uhu, this is Sven and Maureen, and we’ll be reviewing drinks actually that means trying different drinks and kinda without even reading online You know how sometimes you read about a wine or whiskey and then you try it But then again you remember the tasting notes and it kind of affects maybe what you think about the wine or yeah Yes, that’s true. Yeah, so without doing any research, we just open the bottle. Yes and try it. Yeah, so so I hope you will love our journey through this through our tasting and you get to try different wines and beers and What else? Whiskey, vodka Anything you know? Anything that has alcohol in it. Yeah, so what are we doing today? Today we’re trying wine. Oh Yes See this one? Blue wine. Yes there’s something wrong with that wine. It stayed too long in the bottle I think. Actually, this is the first time I’ve heard of blue wine or I’ve tasted or tried blue wine. It’s called… maybe you should read it because it’s a bit hard. Casal Mendes Casal Mendes… that sounds Spanish. I don’t know. Let’s see. Yeah problem is even on the bottle they write it in wherever language it is so.. it’s what? From Portugal yeah it’s a Portuguese wine. Let’s get to it. Yup. Wow The color… something that you’ve gotta get used to It’s pretty weird, right? Like you’re drinking detergent or something But I don’t know anyway so How does it smell? Does it smell like Smurfs? No, but I think I smell a bit… it’s a bit fruity I think. I don’t know, what do you think? You smell nothing? No, no. Actually, I have a cold so I’m not really of a value in this video. Okay Okay for me, I think I smell Fruity seems kind of fruity I think yeah. Yeah. Yeah, sure. Sure. All right, so Yeah Hmm it’s lighter than I thought. I don’t know why. Because I think the last drink that I saw that was blue was this drink called Zappa? It’s a bit sweet. Yes Zappa is not a wine. Yeah I’m not saying it’s a wine. I’m saying any other drink that I’ve seen that is blue… ah yeah Zappa Zappa something. It’s a Sambuca. And it was terrible You know this thing that you drink in high school and you never want to drink it again Maybe we should try it again Haven’t tried it after becoming an adult but anyway that’s a story for another day. This is pretty sweet Yes, this wine is pretty sweet Yeah, not too sweet, though Isn’t like sweet wine, but medium Almost medium sweet. Yeah, that’s what I would say. Yeah, and then they colored it blue Because why not? I think the base. Where did we read? I think the base for this wine. Yeah, it’s white wine. I think it’s white wine with Colored white wine. Okay, unfortunately, we cannot read anything on the bottle. Not really. I guess you’ll have to read more about it when … Bebida aromatizada a base de vino Vino, I think is wine. So it’s based on wine. So it’s pretty much wine So but anyway but it’s quite light, yeah, it’s light and I do like it actually Let’s pour a little bit more. Yeah to make sure we really got the taste right. Yeah It’s really good. So I think this is this wine that you can drink on a Saturday like you can start from… Sunday as well. Yeah, on Sunday as well. Mondays. Maybe it’s not something I would take with food It’s something that I would just take alone to be enjoyed alone… On an afternoon. Yeah, a sunny afternoon somewhere in the garden. Yeah, exactly Or by the pool… has to be cold. Yeah. Yeah, I mean the wine has to be cold. Yeah, we Yes a chilled one. I don’t think it would be good if it’s not chilled. Yeah So yeah, it’s something that you enjoy on a sunny day. And yes, I Guess it’s an okay one wine. Mm-hmm. Something I would buy. So anyway, so if you like it head over to Oaks & Corks and Order the wine that is Okay, I don’t know how to finish this. No no, no I’m supposed to be supposed to say it something like uhm Yeah, so head over… Hit the like button and subscribe! Before that we’re supposed to talk about O&C, Oaks & Corks. And that’s where you should order the wine. We have stocked it Yes, that’s the best alcohol shop in East Africa now, we’re getting more into advertising O&C than talking about the the wine If you get the wine from many places, but the best place to get it from is Oaks & Corks Okay, because they delivered within 30 minutes to your doorstep. Can you imagine? 30 minutes? You order you click click click I want this wine…. and 30 minutes later there is someone at your door knocking… with wine from the Smurfs. Yes. That’s the code word And anyway, so no I think instead of wine from the Smurfs, it’s tears from the Smurfs. Smurfs’ tears. That sounds like a sad wine Tears of joy. I start sounding like the Gargamel. What’s that bad guy named? Yeah, it’s Gargamel. I’m not Gargamel, I’m just Yeah wine from Smurf world or whatever Anyway, order from O&C and we’ll see you next time! Next time we’re going to review different ciders that we have. We’ll do a red wine. Uh no, I think let’s do ciders Ah. We’ll do ciders. I think because in Kenya people pretty much love ciders, right? Yeah. Yeah Yes people love everything. All right, thanks for watching guys, and we’ll see you next week Bye

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