Wine Guardian Humidifiers

Guardian humidifiers are uniquely designed to deliver superior performance and reliability
to ensure your fine wine collection ages properly. The relative humidity of your wine storage
area should be a concern when preserving wine. If the cork dries it can compromise the bottle’s
seal, cause oxidation, and effect the aging process. All wine cellar cooling units remove at least
some moisture from the air as they cool the room. Wine Guardian humidifiers add humidity back
to the wine cellar and can be used in any wine cellar regardless of the cooling system. Our wine cellar humidifiers feature commercial-grade
and lightweight, corrosion-resistant components. The humidification system uses an evaporative
drip pad system that features a removeable cover and cleanable pad for easy access and
maintenance. Wine Guardian offers two types of wine cellar
humidifiers. Freestanding humidifiers can be used with
any Wine Guardian system or in cellars with a competitor’s wine cellar cooling unit. The integrated version of the humidifier can
be mounted only to a Wine Guardian ducted or Wine Guardian ducted split system. The integrated humidifier uses the Wine Guardian
remote interface for control and readout. This humidifier can be mounted on either side
of your Wine Guardian ducted or ducted split system, and is powered directly from the Wine
Guardian unit. The freestanding humidifier has a sleek, modern
design with a removeable supply grille. Since this is a standalone humidifier, it
is versatile enough to be placed in a variety of locations in your wine cellar. It can be mounted through-the-wall, through-the-racking,
or on-the-wall using a mounting bracket. The freestanding humidifier can be used with
Wine Guardian through-the-wall systems, Wine Guardian ductless split systems, or in a cellar
that uses any other brand of wine cellar air conditioning unit. With Wine Guardian humidifiers, you help create
the perfect environment for preserving your fine wine. To learn more about Wine Guardian humidifiers,
contact us today.

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