Wine Information : Proper Wine Storage

When storing wines there are a couple of important
points to pay attention to. First of all, with wines that happen to have a cork, you
want to store those bottles horizontally so that the cork remains moist. This will keep
the cork from breaking up and falling into the bottle when you go to open it. With your
twist off tops, you can leave those vertical and they’ll be just fine. With bottles that
are older or might have a lot of sediment in them, you can store them vertically. However
another method would be to store them horizontally and then turn them vertical an hour to an
hour and a half before serving them. Wine should be stored at between forty-eight and
sixty-two degrees, if the wine gets too warm during storage it will do what is called baking,
and you’ll notice this because when you pour the wine out it will have a milky sort of
scum attached to the top of it. A very, very strong, unpleasant odor and not a very very
pleasant taste.

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