Wine Making with winexpert Wine kit. Part 1

G’day everybody welcome to simple Homebrew I’ve got a kit today it’s a wine kit It’s a wine expert Vinton News mint news vintners reserve wine kit So it’s a kept said I’ve never done a white kit before I’m about to do one. It’s gonna be fun so first thing I do is clean and sanitize your Fermenter bucket, which is this beauty here. I’ve done it already. Of course so you guys don’t have to sit there and wait for me to do it and all I have to do now is just tip out all the crud Cookies in the barrel base, you might just use somebody, uh sanitize it leaving the airlock So we’ll just do that now before I took the breast out No way. Everything is sanitized So you can actually Use or leave the fluid in there. It’s not harmful to you keep ziering sanitized Clean, we’ll get home and you’ll be or drink all wine in this aspect So the instructions say, oh I have to clean and sanitize all my equipment to be used which is what I’ve done I need four five hundred mils of hot water from the tap into the actual primary fermenter So just let it heat up a bit so I can get that done and in the Fermenting bucket I have to put Two of the packets of bends and NIEM of bentonite. This is a Just two of these Not sure what bentonite is but I’ll find out one day. I’ll just do what they say at the moment Why do you have a packet? This is – I know a number – bet benzoate Okay – yeah, so it’s 30 grams of in tonight. Anyway, so that gets poured into the fermenter bucket with a 500 mil of hot water from the tap Here’s a jug No, that’s the whole later that thing Cannot read that 550 I can there’s 500 mil. They’re just above the crack Yep, just above a crack Well, that’s about 500 mil there you guys are interested All right, and I’m – do you – laughs really So this inside this bucket is pretty much like 500 mil of hot water and all I do now is pour these benzoate in a Bentonite bentonite get it right here fentanyl is so that’s pretty whatever that is stir in Get it nicely dissolved in the water Okay, I think it’s pretty ugly looks like someone just threw up in a bucket Right Nothing makes it well Including the doilies Smells a bit like sulfur I guess it must be something to do about Taking bad taste off ladies editor Wireless fires So I don’t use metal scrapers and these because it scratches the actual surface of the plastic and because of that if you get a little scratch on the surface of the plastic you’ll get little notches where you can’t see that will carry bacteria and then Next time you go brewing. There’ll be bacteria in there. You completely clean it you’ll Sanitize it there’s little bacterias under sitting little cracks and go I’m gonna come here when I’m brewing That’s when you get the bad flavors go free brews The Next step pour contents of the juice base bag into the primary fermenter So now I’ll take all this crud out here that I don’t need to use today I’m grabbed a big juicy bag out Look at that right juice now cool is that Nearly dropped it so we’re gonna pour all this into that fermenting bucket. How do we open up? How’d it be bloody Rohit boy likes it on See if I can split it on to the camera Okay, okay, and then have our juice Very nice. Actually, very nice Pour it in Don’t splash it everywhere It’s a smell like seems like grapes a jewel Very awkward Take it every little bit I can And that’s that Okay, this is a bit squid scary for me. I’m bit daunted by what I’m seeing What I’m doing he haven’t done it before so yeah the next thing is to top the primary fermenter up to 23 litres of cold water from the tap, so We have a 23 litre mark on this somewhere. I Think Why did I do it the same colleague you never see him It’s 25 20 1 2 3 that’s 23 litres Laughs I should read might actually take me set it up Take a bit of water and put in that Just get the excess Break do certain a Three more days Just just a bad spot on there 23 litres So now the next step is to make sure this lid is on here So no bacteria can just drop in there while I’m sitting here reading the instructions If your kit contains oak chips or granular oak stirring now Okay, so I’ve got oak chips And these are the blokes They’re both the same but look at it once pretty much item code – bah-bah-bah-bah Okay medium and heavy blend they both open medium and heavy blend. So we’re gonna put both of these inside the actual Dementia stir them in there. So we get that oak flavour as if it’s been in the barrel for six months or whatever See the oak chips Pretty much like chips from oaks. Oak barrels, I’d say they’re pretty cool. Anyway, I’ll whack them in My During stick wherever that winter Don’t you leave it in there did I I Didn’t leave it in there did I oh I think I left it in there Let’s go get some sanitizer I’ll be back So this is sanitizer in spray bottle just to make sure that we’re about to put into the ferrule is Already sanitizing I Can’t see the handle of it. All right. I’m sure I looked it in me Here geez Whoops that was a mistake now. I’ve got red hands Okay, now I’m pretty sure they’re gonna tell me to pitch the yeast nail, so that’s what I’ll probably do next Next part is Tim. Well, he’s a hydrometer a hydrometer to meet actually again He’s a hydrometer to record the day one specific gravity, which is what I’ll do now. This is my hydrometer It’s a beer and wine hydrometer so sanitizer. So what put him actually don’t need to sanitize it I’ll do I’m gonna dip it in I’ll get something Senate I wasn’t porting. There was another And I become one tip it back in get this jug Grab a bit of wine out of the bucket Bruce you’ve done that before we put yo chips in That pour it into here I canna miss Find out what the gravity is on it That goes in there What would the gravity be it’s already showing All right, you go up to that what’s it read Looking at 10 110 101 I reckon What’s the gravity meant to be No 100. I’m right spot on absolutely spot on Yeah, well Taste it no ice but it’s sweet now, but won’t be later once the once the Geese goes I’m gonna eat all that sugar. It’s gonna be like dry red wine So now this doesn’t get tipped back in there because this wasn’t a clean vessel Tigers tip NSYNC because it’s never gonna be allowed in the fermenter at the moment because it was dirty Well might not have been but it was dirty. You don’t take that risk. It’s only a little bit Yeah next job so we got the right measurement pretty good with your shoe girl, huh Yeah, sprinkle dry yeast on top and base it if your cunt pained if your kit contains two packs of yeast ed Both, okay, right. Okay wipe this is anyone So we’re using EC Double one triple 1/8 which is a wine yeast We’re popping that and straight at the top like we do beer and now we’re going to see wait for four weeks. No, sorry We’re gonna wait for 14 days See how it goes and then after four weeks after eight weeks we may be able to drink this thing cheese My cheese So now we’re going to store this thing at 20 degrees which is pretty much what it is in this house all time Seal the lid down I’ve got my Buddy caught my bit We call it a lock If I drink too much, I don’t remember anything anymore and They are that sealed that will just sit there and ferment just like my beer over there Pawed me and it will stay there until I’m ready to go and grab it and Do it secondary. Apparently you have to do a secondary on these. That’s it Thanks guys. Thanks for watching if you like what you see. I’ve got more coming I have one that I did on caning was a bit of a disaster, but I’m gonna play it anyway, I don’t care what people see and I’m gonna enjoy doing more videos in the future for you. So we’ll see you again. Don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to like they’re the two main things and Say hello. I’m happy to chat to you anytime. Thank you You

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