Wine of the Week: Dragonfruit Wine (Episode 21)

I don’t watch Game of Thrones. Oh you don’t watch Game of Thrones. He can’t relate. I don’t get it. It’s made from what? From a dragonfruit. From Dragon “Katol” (mosquito coil) Uhhmm yum. Have you seen a dragonfruit? What does it look like? It looks like a dragon. Kidding. No, it looks like a Pokemon character. Yeah. It looks like a red thingy That has those things. That has scales, yeah. It has those things with gray tips. Each scale has those. That’s how it looks like. That’s the skin of the fruit. It looks like a cactus. Because it came from a cactus family. And the taste? How did you (find it)? It’s like jelly with slight sweetness. It’s good when it’s cold. Because it’s like gelatin. So it’s better if it’s chilled. Yeah. Can you imagine dragonfruit being turned into wine? Based on my experience with the actual fruit? I don’t know. It smells like fish sauce to me. I’m afraid to taste it. Yeah, it has an overpowering smell. This smells more like plastic balloon. They’re very experimental when it comes to local wines. Ok, let’s try it. Can you taste the dragonfruit? In the aftertaste. This one is really close to “Sinigang” (sour soup). Oh, that’s why I like it! Because it’s close to Sinigang. It is very acidic. It has a mild sweetness at the end. Yeah, mild sweetness. That’s what they say. It tastes good. Yeah, it’s ok. So where can you find this? But I got this from a wine shop in Quezon City. Normal alcohol content. And you can also see the seeds. It’s there. And it’s also a good antioxidant. But the initial smell… it’s smells like fish sauce, but sour. So it’s a little weird. Yeah, I agree. They say you need to pair a fruit wine with a fruit or something fruity as well. We’ll try a cherry-based croissant. We also have something salty, which is the… what’s that? Spicy “dilis” (dried anchovies). Guys, it’s not a croissant. It’s not a croissant. Let’s try it with the cherry. We try it with fruit. You don’t like it, right? It became more bitter. Yes. Not good. It’s not good so it’s not working. So let’s try the… It’s not good too. It’s also not good. So maybe it’s better on its own? They’re not good together but the dilis is good. The dilis is good! So we still need to search for the perfect pair. Because it tastes good on its own as long as it’s chilled. Are you ready for summer? Yeah, look at my belly. I am not looking forward to the heat. I’m afraid of it. Yeah. I’m afraid of it. How about you? Well, I like the beach. Do you really like the heat? Sticky. Well, you can just go under the shade. Like beer or whatever. Beach. Just beach! I’m looking forward to go back to the province in Zamboanga City. The beaches are there. That’s why like going to the beach. Because I live near a coastal area in Zamboanga. 15 minutes from the house, and you already have access to the beach. That’s so fun! Anytime you want, you can go there. That’s so nice, right? So if you were to choose, Baguio or beach? For summer, go to Baguio then straight to La Union after. That can work. Always use sunscreen! Always hydrate with alcohol. Just kidding. You won’t see the effect right away but when you grow old like us I so know this. You need sunscreen. you still need to use sunscreen. For me, hydration. And then hydrate with water. You’re correct. And summer is how many months here? 3 months right? Twelve! Right? It goes as high as 40C? make sure that there’s AC during summer. Because there are some hotels that don’t have AC, just electric fans. Where is that? And since we like going to different islands and beaches make sure that there’s a backup generator. Because most of… The hotel. Yes. Especially far-off places hotels or accommodations, in the islands usually don’t have electricity by 6pm. In Sabtang (Batanes) we stayed there for a night, right? There was no electricity from midnight till 6am. How will you be able to sleep? When we went there, it was windy and there were large waves. So it was ok, you just opened the window. Are you excited for summer? So hot! How about you? That’s why… A fruit? But I will have a dragon.

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