Wine Pairing: Virginia Cabernet Franc and Pork

For this week’s Quick Sips, we’re at my favorite
wine-centric Bed and Breakfast, the Iris Inn in Waynesboro, Virginia. And, we’re doing a wine 101 weekend. As part of the weekend,
we’re doing a wine pairing dinner. I’ve got to talk to chef Caitie Maharg to
see what she’s got cooking up. Tonight we’re going to have a maple-brined pork loin that I basically soaked in a maple mixture
with some brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and some mustard, and then I stuffed it with roasted fennel
and apple butter. Now the grape, and the wine that we’re going
to go with is a Cabernet Franc. It might seem counterintuitive for
us to go with a red grape when we’re having pork, but we have some dominant flavors in the pork dish: There is apple butter, which has spices in it,
and there’s also fennel. Those are two flavors that pair
really well with red wines. So you think it’s going to
go well with the red wine we’re serving? I think it will go very well with the red wine! Cabernet Franc is one of the signature grapes
here in the state of Virginia and I think this one here
is going to be perfect with that dish tonight. “Get my best side!” The Cab Franc… I love it. The taste is phenomenal. The brown sugar kind of flavor in the red wine
really pairs well with that apple butter. I would normally at home probably do pork
with some kind of… a Chardonnay. It’s great, fantastic. A great meal, with a great red wine. I love it. Thank you! There’s a fantastic example of a wine and
food pairing that you wouldn’t expect to work, but it does, because of the ingredients. Keep that in mind next time you’re making pork dish,
and think of red wine. If you want regular wine, spirits
and food pairing tips like these, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and I’ll
top you off with a Quick Sip, every #TipsyTuesday. From the Iris Inn in Virginia… to your health. Cheers!

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