Wine surpasses spirits in Korea′s imported liquor market ′와인이 양주 제쳤다′…주류 수입액 사

Wine has surpassed spirits in Korea′s imported
liquor market for the first time ever. The Korea International Trade Association
says wine imports rose five-point-five-percent from the year before to 94-point-four
million U.S. dollars in the first half of the year.
Imports of hard liquor… like whiskey, vodka and gin,… came in at 91-point-seven
million dollars. Spirits once took up two-thirds of all alcohol
imports, but wine now has the highest share at nearly 25 percent, while spirits have
fallen to just over 24 percent. Wine imports have been on the rise for the
past six years, with more Koreans interested in health and light drinking.
There has also been an increasing domestic demand for a wider variety of wine from vineyards
in Chile, the United States and Australia.

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