Wine Table Talks, Ep. 1 – Jeff Gouveia

Ready?! yeah yeah welcome everybody
this is our first episode with Wine Table Talks I’m Al this is Jeff hello
and let’s drink some wine I’ll pretend that there’s a lot of people here but we
have one member of the audience thank you for coming. so Jeff talk a
little bit about you present yourself who you are what you do where you come
from okay and now start pouring the wine should like look in a particular direction you can look at your camera over there. it’s the best camera for the guests and the old camera for me. It’s not bad camera it’s just old camera Al got this like multicam thing going on it’s pretty wicked anyway
my name is Jeff hello everybody I have I’ve got a tour operator business in
Madeira and we offer full bar for tours and hikes it’s an adventure company and
we’re now working on things like camping trips as well and we do a lot of off the
beaten track kind of things away from the crowds and in small groups so that’s
me in a nutshell kind of thing I guess we’re gonna get we’ll get deeper in yeah
I guess so let’s try it please so I’ll start with the wine this is wine
table talk so let’s start with the first this is a Dora wine 2015 I mean I’m not
very much an expert in wines but I have an app that it’s viv you know I don’t
know if you know it is that one so I just went to the store and start
scanning and I stopped on this one it said 15 years per bottle for this one
okay it’s Alderaan like 19 or 20 so like mmm this is weird this is
probably not the same it’s probably a premium that it’s on the app but the
name is the same and so I brought this one okay did you like it
it goes down well yeah we can say that it’s strong it’s a bit strong yeah I
think the temperature is a bit high too because we close down here let’s quickly
why yeah never tried it before well for 15 euros it should be right yeah it
should be important I tried them to the I told you I’ll try
to surprise you I’m surprising myself too I think I
drunk like a normal like normal range of this one before because I remember the
name you know it’s good too so that’s one of the things I bought it
besides the app it’s quite good wine let’s start into the conversation and we
go drink and eat while we go yeah so I have a segment that I called 13 random
questions and why I don’t have idea it just came to me 13 question I think it’s
good for a conversation so go ahead see how it goes cool so first one so you
have a tour operator it’s hit the road yes yes so you have a number of guests I
guess how many years are you open we’re now open 7 years and 2 months
ok so a good amount of guests already oh yeah clients so my first random question
to you Jeff is what was the weirdest request you ever had from a client the
weirdest thing that you were asked to do or the weirdest if you can share this is
an 18 if you have some shit you can drop it I could drop it now just weirdest
request from a client I had one clients I had one clients a while ago who asked
me to marry her and her husband both like to be the guy who was they like to
praise him the priest kind of thing you know like yeah so it was pretty smooth
it’s a bit weird I mean it wasn’t it wasn’t like I wasn’t getting paid for it
but it was a client who asked me to find the honor exactly so they were they were
from England and they wanted to get married in madera alright so the thing
is I couldn’t do it like eagerly okay you know like certification exactly yeah
so they wanted to do that in England okay and then come here and just do like
a fake wedding with you yeah maderos gonna be this big wedding and the way
she was speaking to me about it she was saying you know Jeff do you think you
know anybody who could like maybe you know
get us together who speaks well and I was thinking cheese you know it’s gonna
be harder for me to find somebody than to actually just go there and do it just
like yeah it’s kind of hoping you’d say that when you go forward didn’t happen
and it’s like long time ago oh this is I think this was about two or three years
ago but they still came out here and then a massive party and I was invited
it wasn’t like so much of a wedding thing it was more like a party but they
had already been married and not an omen I get something professional on work
probably the Russian groups you know those Russians about two months ago the
Russians had me running around like crazy you know they had a lot of funky
requests and was it cool to take care of all those people and uh yeah be like the
super manager of them all oh yeah yeah I saw the stories kind of I was a luxury
on time yeah yeah interest stuff they were doing
yeah yeah they wanted to go around in class you know I wanted to sell them on
the Jeeps you know obviously it’s my office but they decided that the jeeps
went up to their caliber you know they wanted like sort of them you know as
much as I was like listen you know because they would be in canyoning
hiking you know cut some around troops and I was like this and you know I can
understand why you want to be the luxury thing but like if you’re doing all this
like adventure stuff then a Jeep alike you know it will friend boy you know we
had you know I had to get strawberries and champagne and you know they were dad
to be certain snacks and I started arrival right you had champagne
champagne and arrival getting out of the airport with champagne and everything
was crazy it was funny Instagram rich people stuff going yeah totally I mean
what are the guys that a million followers
oh they’re doing I’ll show you and what was this page about like business it’s
yeah it’s I don’t get it he’s like some kind of a celebrity there
they say it’s business I’ve seen because I can’t understand anything Russian but
for what I can see it’s like it’s either it’s music or it’s like YouTube blogging
because yeah the quantum follows is yeah and they’ve got some crazy crazy quality
videos like the videos are just if you have a good videographer and a good
editor you can do a lot of things it can be shit whatever you do but if it’s well
filmed I mean and they got like a whole team doing it but anyway it was a lot of
people – yeah I was a group of seventeen I think and that is well it’s not the
question but it’s something you’re looking forward to do in the future like
oh yeah a tree adventure travel yeah I mean I want to do I want to do it all my
what a conquer you know some of somebody asks me for something then I’m gonna
like solemn that’s you know tourism I want to you know I want to be in tourism
forever so yeah sorry okay the second random question cool
shoes so what drives you to be the person you are what are your three core
values my three core values Wow okay you can drink wine you can eat something
because I know how to say it in English I would say probably more I don’t know
if this is a value but I guess like something like that guides you to be the
person you are or try to be every day I mean it’s something that the drives mean
I wouldn’t say guides me through it something that drives our guiding mark
ID yeah yeah guiding I mean something that guides me is you know I believe a
lot of my intuition and my my gut feel so like you know if I everyday I’m kind
of thinking does this feel right and I just feel good and if it feels good and yeah so that’s something that I would
say would guide me you know I’m very much into into that kind of thing using
my you know thinking a little bit looking around feeling you know that
kind of that kind of vibe it’s one of them second one second one I would say
is more instead of guiding I would say driving is my competitive nature like I
want to just win advancing like I even have to try and like turn myself down
balance is important acts you know yeah just you know sorry so that kind of I
mean that’s the kind of thing that will make me wake up early then I won’t get
into that one okay you can ask it again okay third one guides me and drives me
my clients my clients you know because they’re the ones who like awesome what
do you want to see what you want to do you know and they’re usually the ones
it’s awkward point me in the right direction you know
it’s on me oh you should do this so you should do that or you know I really like
to see this I really like to see that and I try and make it happen you know
yeah but now you talked a little bit about like business mm-hmm the way you
go into business but I was asking like your personal life my personal life so
your I know you a little bit my business is my personal life yeah it takes well
it takes a lot of your life I imagine yeah but in your day-to-day like dealing
with people specifically like your personality I know you from what we did
before it’s just a bit but my overall images is you quite sociable you try to
be nice to everyone you try to do your best that goes into business of course
yeah what did what made you be like that was like something that was putting to
you into a child would you like they just saw a lot of shit going around in
the world and I thought I need to be a better person so this doesn’t go away I
think you know I was brought up a lot of thing that influences me is the
community I grew up in and like I grew up in this matheran community in South
Africa like a lot of people I’m sure know if they don’t know then I’m South
African Madeira and so I I was born in South Africa my parents are born in
South Africa my grandparents are born here okay and there’s more Madeira in
South Africa than there is in Madeira okay just like Venezuela and like you
know this and I was I grew up in this Madera
community where everyone kind of supported each other and everybody knew
each other and everybody lived close by to each other everybody worked close to
each other and I kind of got this feeling I remember like when I used to
go out you know when I was like a youngster you know and we’d go out to
parties like the kind of parties that have here we had there you know we had
like oh gosh oh hey by the chair here okay so like church celebrations with
the festival’s after that after the church service she’d got the first of
all you know there were girls and there were guys and it was you know you just
kind of hung out with people and and fooled around and played football and
you know whatever you know cards and dominoes like we like we kind of like we
do yeah and I remember that I would always get I would never be a lot to pay
for stuff and I think it was because I was always like hanging out with older
because I was always so like you know all my cousins were like you know when I
was like 16 or 15 or 16 and my cousin’s all like 25 26 or maybe 22 23 but they
were all already work in that money and I remember that like the only thing I
was allowed to buy was the bread for instance you know like and that was like
if I had the opportunity to buy otherwise it was like drinks coming
around and it was food and it was like and I was driven here to there and it
was never like that they saw this kind of thing that these guys did and it was
all about giving and giving and people gave to each other you know an example
from the outside and I guess in a way I kind of feel like I’ve already received
so much that like you fucking give something if it’s my time if it’s my
money if it’s my energy you know now yeah just now I like to give stuff I
like to support people and like this I mean you call me up and I was like yeah
that’s guys do it like that’s good next one what next random one so it’s not
right it was good numbers in front of them right yeah cameras are pointing to
us not me I’m just pretending I’m not looking here
so the random third question it’s related to your job so we know you
started or you started meeting I don’t know if you started with the tourism
like jobs did you started with that yeah I started working for another company
okay so and what made you go into the job what made you go into tourism and
then end up with hit the road okay yeah like so I started I got into tourism job
driving football force for another company and that was just like a cool
job it wasn’t my first I’ve had plenty jobs since I was like 14 years old but
when I arrived you arrived in November 29th it’ll be 10 years this year
November 29th 2009 and I decided to take the first week or two off I think it was
actually just one week and I chilled I went to the Lido and certified with
whispers and you know just kind of just like partied a little bit and after that
I decided right I’m gonna get a job and basically went around looking for work
like everywhere after a week I found a job so the first job I got was way tree
you know so I started wait ring and I wasn’t even waiting I was like the The
busboy kind of thing so I was just cleaning up
stuff but whatever you know worked and somehow I found my way into your Jeep I
met I met a guy who owned the company and you know he gave me a job at a
company doing that stuff and I loved it you know because I mean I love driving
driving cause I’m like total petal hit you know love my jeeps love love driving
them you know love putting them in all sorts of places and like trying demand
yeah love it yeah I love it so so I got into when I was doing that I
mean I was like driving these open top three owners and I was like yeah lucky
in the jungle you see me and long story short I started my own company because
eventually after a while I was I wasn’t I wasn’t somebody basically
convinced me to write one of my cousin’s came out here and he said to me like why
are you doing this for the sky is not appreciating your talents and you work
you know you know how to do it you know you give it a try and I was lucky enough
that I had the opportunity bought a jeep you know set up everything I needed to
and just started working but you always had that like that five to do something
on your own or is this because someone told you you could do it
no no not even you know I was always like I was always quite driven and in
fact when the company the company that that lost me you know because I would
have still been there yeah I think if they had like well I would have still
been overstated for a while let’s say because you know I was looking for more
more challenges I was looking for more or more responsibilities yeah if you
don’t like to be in the same place exactly the same thing yeah so they
didn’t give it they couldn’t give that to me and eventually they can pay me and
stuff and I was like okay you know and I forget you to the place you need to be
eventually yeah so I got convinced by a cousin of mine to start up the company
that’s how did it and I’m so lucky thanks going now yeah the Russian is
like a top mouth though like all the hate that you’re doing well that was
very cool that’s because people to get like reach you and ask you to do
something that’s out of your ordinary job and it’s a lot of responsibility you
know because these guys are like selling this package you know so I had to make
sure that everything that they asked for you know yeah because when people paid
and more people paid more people the man norm I know what is they should because
if you put in money out need to get something back and I saw how much they
were charging them but there’s a lot I mean this is a bit of a judgment but the
image of Russian that Drago is paid to have a lot of money to spend so you’re
just like drinking a lot so I’m getting you drunk
haha you’re gonna drive but yeah and he’s gonna stay here for a while so
everything I don’t get drunk easily and you’re
gonna stay here for a while cuz I still need to show you around good I’m not
gonna be drunk I’m gonna take back what I say yeah we’re gonna you’re gonna go
from here okay so fourth question do random once – mm-hmm so you talked about
interesting because this question is about the environment and you said you
are a bit of a petrol head yes so I’m interested to see how you want to set
this one so this one is you know that the past few months I mean the past few
years but this few months we’ve been talking a lot about the global global
warming and the environment and everything so what is in your opinion
something we can improve right now start right now to help care for the planet so
we have a planet in the future are you talking about like us as Messiah I mean
like an individual’s because when you talk about an entire race it’s two to
general this is not have an idea as much as much as I love the environments and I
do absolutely love the environments and I put in my best to try and you know be
as conscious as I can to it especially my direct environment you know like you
don’t see me littering and like doing stuff like that I mean yeah I’m driving
diesel cars you know but that’s just because there is no other way for me to
do the same kind of thing you know without it you know it’s not my fault
that that someone else both the car that runs on so like I’m waiting for my
future plan is to you know at one point goes metric yeah when there’s a 4×4 that
actually can do that kind of stuff you know hopefully if all goes well I’ll be
one of the first ones jumping on board second as a as an individual as an
ordinary individual I think we just need to be conscious of it you know because I
think there’s already a lot of people out there who are helping us you know
make decisions there’s really people that are starting to complain about the
plastics and to show us what plastics do there’s already people showing us how to
recycle and showing us how to do that that stuff’s I think as individuals if
we are kind of just aware what’s going on or awareness and and conscious of
what we’re doing and what other people say we should be doing and if we follow
that kind of stuff cool but then the third one is like is where everything’s
gonna change this is where I kind of have a problem with the individual thing
because we can try as hard as we want but like you know places like like the
gap and Starbucks are just gonna like ruin hundreds and thousands of years of
us working you know to help that they just like I mean it goes a bit if you
don’t consume it or if you at least when you go there you take your own cup they
they start to have they don’t sell it because they don’t solve they don’t
advertise it at least it’s much yeah but you can take your own cup you can take
your own straw like we can do something it’s just the convenience of getting
there and having your drink ready and you don’t need don’t need to take the
cup with you that’s why I ask you to visually do you by any chance follow a
youtuber called that mice I know him but I don’t follow him he’s yeah he made a
video the other day about I think was about the gap okay you know closing or
gap or whatever it’s called I think it’s about them they threw out a million coat
hangers like that just so like you know this is what I’m talking about my you we
can you know we can try as much as we want but those bigger guys are just
gonna ruin it for all of us so this this change there you know it needs to go
everywhere I guess and I mean then we just gotta prepare for for a different
waltz one way we’re going to be living in the ground whatever if you figure it
out good to have some trees yeah yeah would be some clean water maybe it’s
time to be like water walls or something yeah something well I don’t want to know
that’s for sure yeah thanks for that so for the people that don’t know you
because the people that do know you I think you answer this question sometimes
in your Instagram so what is your side passion and why do you choose that or
why do you go to that mossad passion you know my side passion now is is in a very
cloudy because now I don’t know exactly what it
is it might be changing okay that’s good we have some news there yeah but I mean
for now it’s obviously for people who know me know it’s music like I love to
play music I’m a drummer and and yeah like at the moment all I’m doing is is
drumming in my free time because I’m spending a lot of time and energy and
resources in my business and you know that’s that’s pretty much taking up all
my time so it’s like a grounding thing you do like drumming is just yeah just
come on over the working zone yeah you know I mean drumming I don’t have to
think about it it’s just like sit there and just feel it and play it do whatever
I want to do you know but yeah I mean maybe you’re very often think that I
should be putting in some more time and effort into it it’s something you want
to push forward I don’t know maybe I think maybe you know it’s not something
I’m in a hurry with because I know I’m gonna be a drummer for life yeah so you
know if I’m you know you know I’ve drunk throughout my teenage years and and like
late teens and 20s like drums heavy metal music and like fast-paced rock and
like all that heavy kind of stuff you know later like I started playing jazz
and things like that and funk and and pop even you know and doesn’t mean that
you know like I’m gonna be 45 and be like an old man playing yeah
45 you’re not oh I know exactly you said like I’m thinking maybe I’ll be 45 and
just be ripping up the drum kids playing heavy metal you know but I don’t like I
just know that it’s not right now so maybe maybe in a few years or something
I think I might take gonna continue at least yeah I will definitely I’ll never
stop and how did it start it uh how does it start
oh man like I remember I was I was like a little street kid when I was younger I
was always on the streets like skateboarding and my bike the cool kids
maybe maybe you want to be cool kid you know I was hanging with them you know so
like so you felt like one at least yeah yeah so like any skateboarder does
you know about the rebel like you know like anyway I remember I was just like
every now and then would be on a mission on some kind of adventure on the streets
and I found myself it’s a colleague’s house wasn’t even a
friend I just kind of knew of him as a friend of reference and it was the first
time that I saw an electric guitar in front of me and this guy was playing at
a knows just this is amazing and I actually started playing guitar so I
played guitar for okay here or something we were gonna start a band
then this guy bought a drum kits and we were looking for a drummer because I was
gonna be the guitarist and then just one day I was like you know what let me give
the drums of car you know the singers it’s yeah kind of thing and I’ll just
set behind there and started playing with it
first look yeah it’s kind of just like jumped on and just started hitting stuff
and like figuring it out I knew that it was like one and two and three and four
you know but then I put in a lot of work it’s pretty cool it’s like it’s like any
kind of sports you know it’s like tennis you gotta hit like a million backhands and then eventually you’ll not a drop
like pretty cool yeah you can drink some wine and booze yes please thank you it’s
good because I saw I saw you in Instagram you put it and you play like
passion so I thought it was cool to get to know where it come from
thanks buddy and so like let’s go again this is random so the next question the
random number five yeah no this is I think yeah this is number six other were
six I’m drawing halfway through it not bad and never saw sir
the bra and this is like is this all stuff from the house no that’s from the
house okay no but it’s like olive oil mixed with sriracha this is like my
favorite spice sauce what she – she – yeah is that the Argentinian one and no
it’s I think it’s from Vietnam or something like that like red bottles you
find it on the Chinese shops here in mother just I think there’s just one
shot with it but it has like in hand several flavors
like the e-40 fire something but it just gives it boost to your food it’s pretty
good and a bit of soy sauce should I know yeah any time from the time is from
the garden yeah it’s just for us not to get drunk yes yes drinking to get drunk
we’re drinking responsibly yeah so six question this is about again I think
it’s something you enjoy you enjoy to travel I guess let’s invite them to the
podcast slash video oh okay so this one is about traveling I
was asking do you like to travel I do like to travel
um okay so what’d you go first I don’t think anyone doesn’t like to travel you
know there’s might be some people that don’t not to join me they’re not happy
in life I guess that’s why they don’t like to get off the safe place yeah
maybe I have that like not well thought theory but because normally people like
to get out and experience stuff yeah I love I love to travel so what’s the
second part the second part of the question is what is your dream
destination America America you know specific places west coast okay why it’s
like it’s not my dream destination is in luck because that’s the only place on
earth yeah but like it’s definitely my name is
– yeah that’s my next big big trip is about for America I want to see the
natural part the the national parks okay because I got amazing national parks
like Zion National Park at Grand Canyon
Yosemite you know Yellowstone and all of that you
know if and not even you know if not I mean she’s you know like destinations
like yeah that the west coast for sure Canada as well Canada’s got some amazing
mountains and lakes and like you know all that nature stuff it’s all there
Alaska you know I had Americans with me today North America North America yeah
that’s my and I just I really like America you know like I’ve been there
once and I love it and you think it’s because like the thing we have like
American dreams that for movies and series yeah and it’s it’s the American
dream and you go there like you see things that just that you don’t see I’ve
never been there like ever I have yeah yeah so I’ve been to New
York Boston Atlanta Miami okay so I already have like a feeling of love
America like in another life I’d like to be American it’s crazy I mean like you
know I think I think if you know any kind of smart person or smart
hardworking person can make a great life for themselves in America like and I
think that’s already like already value that’s I guess it’s getting more
available to outside of America because of the Internet
well yeah yeah yeah have more possibilities America is like the dream
country for for some time but now you have like you’re starting to I mean it’s
always has been right because like you’ve got all the all the immigrants
that went there is loads Russians the Italians yeah that’s a melting pot yeah
I mean so many people who went to America like and obviously they went
there you know just like people who went to South Africa you know cuz South
Africa is the same thing you know we were that’s not only my parents that are
there but it’s like Greeks Italian Jews opportunities so if you could fix or
eliminate one thing in the world what would it be
fix will eliminate one thing in the from your view of the world what would
that thing be Oh fix one lemonade one thing in the world would probably be the
gap you know the gap between the rich and the and the poorer like that that
gap is just way too big it’s not like I think I would cap someone at like how
rich can be eighth one what makes you get out of bed every day the one that I
said you already I’m sorry ah what is your motivation what is like the thing
that you know you want to wake up because you want to achieve something I
want to do something most of the time it’s my clients to give me out of it no but what makes me get up in the
morning is my mission you know it’s just like I know that I’ve
got my mission I’ve I’ve my responsibility to my family to my to my
company it’s my team you know like being accountable to people yeah yeah yeah
I’ve gotta play the part and I gotta be there you know it’s enough and that’s I
mean that’s the the very least you know that’s good so ninth question if you
could take three material things mm-hmm for the afterlife what would you
take my drum kit I knew I just knew it I was writing this down and I knew
drunkest first my drum kit my GP I’m actually addicted on this on this car
game okay so if you have to wait in the line to go to heaven you just play the
game in your Jeep with the drum kits material things that is three of them I
think it’s good you like so you could I don’t know in the afterlife but now for
sure you can make a life in the iPhone so what is your all-time favorite food
or meal like the thing you just when you create something the most it is like the
thing you I’m all-time favorite food or meal like
I really want to say buckle or brush but also like Greek food like sucker for
aloo Metis but is that recent because of the like no no I had a great friend in
school okay so like Ian showed me all this Greek stuff and like not only that
but like Greek one of my favorite foods but I probably had to choose one dish or
just know which is tasty just like it yeah it’s nice look at how is that it’s
not Portuguese product but is approach to these products anyway yeah because
especially no carpeting and down like people just live round so that’s good I
was not expecting that I was thinking like something related with meat because
South Africa I love my meats as well you know yeah yeah that’s interesting
11th one so from the top of your mind was that the 10th the food yeah okay we
jump from a nine to ten like straight away alright I didn’t made an
introduction it just as the question okay so from the top of your head just
don’t think too much cuz this is it’s good to see what pops up first
what is your happiest moment this moment my happiest moments yeah oh my god there
are so many of them like my happiest that you want to share of course so I
think I’m still gonna get it’s okay but I have a lot of happy moments so like a
very good moment I’ve also got a very bad memory okay I probably can’t
remember my happiest okay so one one thing one good thing that pops into your
head or do we like to share because of the story or something like that
one weekend one happiest knowledge doesn’t have to be we were now talking
like something you know like my trip to the States was something that I was
really happy about when was it in November 2017 getting something yeah
thinking thinking of and that kind of luck is a more like accomplishments kind
of happy you know like because I’m very driven that way like I like to yeah I
can see your while talking to you your mind is a bit like balls and stuff yeah
it’s like you know a what occupies like 85% of my brain Thanks
but will be the trip to the States yeah I mean I remember like being in New York
for instance la remember that was something that was like really like I
was like wow I’m in New York the Big C yeah I remember the you know the top of
the Empire State Building I think that was one of my peace monkeys let’s go I
did a Facebook live video as well did it humble you being so high anything made
by man yeah yeah like sorry New York humbled me like crazy
New York and America I remember coming back from there like it it really it
really shaped me in the next like a couple of years after that like I
remember when I came back I was like right we’re changing everything like and
that’s the good thing about traveling yeah you come with a fresh view of stuff
you like come with a different energy totally and that’s what we’re already
planning our next trip at the moment and we’re going to I think it’s gonna be all
set this week we’ll be going to England London London Manchester and a couple of
other places but going as well for next Boat okay for travel and tourism exports
that’s gonna also give me a lot of in fresh ideas fresh ideas and different
perspectives as to how the travel industry is thinking when it comes to
it’s changing pretty fast yeah and the last time I went to that Expo for
instance I came back and I changed a lot and like America Canada that as well
like I had this kind of epiphany about how the Americans kind of see their
marketing for instance it’s all like it’s it’s a show like everything is a
show it’s like there’s gonna be like fireworks and confetti and like the
players it’s gonna be like yeah you know they shows they this the the things like
it was all like was all like that you know when I came back I was like right
we got to change the way we’re doing things you know because we’ve got to
make it like yeah I changed a lot of stuff when I came in the world there’s a
lot of thing going on you have to pop up somewhere with something and the
Americans are good at that you know we have a friend in common
it’s Gary Vee oh yeah yeah so yeah Gary Vee is like on another level now yeah
it’s quite good to understand how they work in that level because it talks a
bit of worldwide work but he’s my abilities main work is still in America
so it’s interesting how they yeah I mean he’s one of my favorite personalities
just because of like I like the way he thinks you know like then I was addicted
with as soon as the first couple of videos of so I was like I like this guy
you know cuz he’s all like good and he doesn’t regret as much as like normally
you do something you like think about it and after you’ve done it you think about
it and it seems like it just goes for it yeah just his way Wow so which is
something I mean we’d like I’m also pretty good at that kind of thing I got
started the podcast remember yeah I got did the podcast and I did a couple
episodes I think I didn’t do it I didn’t do it properly like I could’ve done more
you know it wasn’t listed on iTunes it wasn’t it wasn’t it was only on my
website and you could download it if you wanted to on my website but like adapt
into the whole podcast thing and I think it’s something that I might actually
even wanna like really dark you know I got a
better idea for it you know kind of like what you doing yeah yeah we talked about
that yeah it’s that the idea is that is so like what you doing yeah with the
wine which is cool you know like this is it like this is a great idea
what I was thinking is like maybe I could do the same kind of thing like in
the Jeep you know like take people out like Jeep for like two or three hours
front seat to the Jeep and it’s a podcast is in the Jeep while I’m driving
and talking this you know that’s a pretty cool idea yeah even for the
people watching you can like highlight places where you are it’s an idea
this is a question I took out from a podcast the Lewis Lewis Holmes
no it’s intrapreneur style of greatness yes color of greatness amazing amazing
amazing amazing podcast so this is more or less the question he asks I think
it’s more at the end of the podcast so imagine this you are in your deathbed
you have everyone you love around you have the question oh I know the
questions I have to remind me yeah so and you have everyone you love around
you but everything you said done or like marked or whatever you did in life will
be raised after you close your eyes and just you take your last breath but you
can leave one unique message to to everyone 11 to the whole world they will
remember you they just don’t know what you did or what you said to them you can
live just one message to them or to everyone that is around you what would
it be and knowing that that would be like your thumb stone message it’s just
be happy you know just be happy because like you know no one else and this this
this is this is harsh but like no one cares so just be happy be happy no one
cares yeah look with the time you start to to feel that people have their own
problems nobody cares they may like put mean comments and stuff like that but
they are in their own shit sometimes oh man those are the times no I don’t know
I don’t get it like you know I’m very like I’m very grateful for where I am
I’m saying this so much lately like so much that I’m very grateful for where I
am in the position I’m in that I’ve got a job that I love
that I mean like a great group you know around me my team family you know
everything is just like perfect right now it really is but you feel like it’s
because of you right or do you feel like – no no like I believe a lot in chance
and a lot in like you know kind of all that like spiritual stuff about like you
know what it’s meant to be will be kind of thing so I’m not gonna like say that
it’s because of me that I’ve got what I have yeah but nobody made choices you
choose people they surround you just people I’ve got to be around with of
course and then yeah I mean like that’s the hardest part is to teach people not
to be around yeah saying no that’s that’s and that’s throwing me way off my
game lately you know because like I’ve had a couple of testing times lately and
I’ve had to like cut people out I’ve had to like make decisions and move on you
know and that’s that’s been the hardest part because that is so against the kind
of person that I’m that I am because I want to help people you know I want to
help people I wanna you know I want to motivate people you know I want to
motivate the people around me you know and I hope I really do want to help
people so like when I’ve got to say no to someone when I’ve gotta like say no
like I can’t do this like you know and if any and be the person who says none
of them yeah that’s like the hardest parts but you feel like you’re putting
them down like you just making them no no it’s it’s if I’m helping them and
they don’t want to be helped and then it means there’s someone else out there
you’re not helping then I’m not helping you know like and in some points even
myself okay so no I mean like you got to help yourself as well so some stone
phrase just be happy nobody be happy no one cares okay pretty cool
so last question this is for me so I can involve a little bit mm-hmm every day
what do you take from this experience but from this experience yeah from this
podcast video wine drink all my friends you know it’s always kind of like a
little bit of introspective like you know when you’ve got someone asking you
questions yours you got to think about it’s kind of kind of like a little bit
of a self-analysis kind thing right kind of helps you sit back
literally sit back yeah and like stop and like think a little bit about stuff
I mean I like that that’s it’s kind of it’s something that
I that I like to do often I don’t usually do it out loud you know like I
like to write stuff down for instance and like so I’m always like kind of
writing ideas and thoughts like but it’s always nice to to chat with someone
about this kind of stuff you know so great experience like okay so this is
this is the the last toast we’re going to make if you want to remember the guys
where they can find you in social media and stuff like that just yes go to place
you know hit the road Madera we were all over Instagram and Facebook and YouTube
or Google of course you know for all the you know off-road tours and it’s
all there you’ll respond and Instagram to everywhere
whatsapp Instagram Facebook just collect you and you’ll be happy yeah yeah yeah
cool thank you so much for coming thank you I’ll see you next time of course and
I’ll go to your camera thank you guys for watching cuz my camera is gone see
you next time bye

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