Dini: In this video, you will learn how to
taste wine so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of every sip you take. And watch until the very end because I’m going
to give you a little cheat sheet wine chart that’s going to help you remember everything
that we talk about. If you want to live well and enjoy good wine,
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a fresh tip on Thursdays. Dini: I’m Dini and I have hosted wine tastings
for British Royalty in my 20 years of teaching wine. I’m sought out because of my fun way of doing
wine that I’m going to share with you today so that you can take your enjoyment of wine
to the next level. Dini: Your first step is to raise your glass. Now you may as well go ahead and grab a glass
and do this alongside me. Go ahead I’ll wait. Dini: Now that you’re holding your glass,
make sure that you hold it by the stem, which is this long part here, or the base of your
glass. Got it? This isn’t just to look like you’re drinking
wine the proper way. But there’s a real reason behind it. Ideally, your wine is going to be served at
the correct temperature. And I’ll post some of those temperatures below
so you know. And these are intended so that the wine tastes
its very best. Dini: So what happens if you go and you grab
your glass like this and you hold your glass like this all night? You warm it up. It changes the temperature. Believe it or not, the temperature of a wine
really changes the way it tastes. Picture this. You have a delicious scoop of ice cream. Now, picture that ice cream melted, goopy,
and maybe even slightly warmed up. It’s a totally different thing, right? When things get warmer, the sweetness and
the sugar becomes more pronounced. Same thing with the alcohol in wine. It will taste like a totally different wine. So do yourself a favor and at least taste
the wine at its intended temperature as a start. Now if you have a stemless wine glass, people
are asking me about these, you want to just hold it at the top and it’ll do the same thing. Dini: Quick question. I’d love to know from you guys. Do you like your glasses with stems or without? Comment below and let me know. Dini: For the next step, swirl and smell the
wine. Now, for this, if you haven’t quite got the
swirling motion down, what you can do is hold the stem. Another good reason to hold the stem. Put the glass down on a table or even on your
hand and pretend like you’re drawing little circles with the stem. And it’ll automatically start swirling your
wine inside the glass. Okay. Now the important thing is as it’s swirling,
you want to stick your nose in the glass and give it a smell. If you smell the wine before you did this,
you’re gonna notice a big difference. As oxygen enters the wine, which is what happens
when you swirl the wine, all of the flavors, the smells in the wine just come alive. I don’t know about you, but that helps me
enjoy my wine so much more. Smelling is a big part of what we call taste. And it evokes memories. So when you close your eyes and take a deep
inhale, you can really be transported. Smell is very closely linked to our memories. And so sometimes when I smell a wine, I can
be transported back to my grandmother’s kitchen and the spices in her kitchen. Or eating berries on the grass on a summer
day. I think this is one of the most incredible
parts of experiencing a glass of wine is that it can really transport you. Dini: So finally, we’re ready for the third
step. Which is to taste or slurp the wine. Yeah, that’s right. I said slurp it. Even the royals do it. I’m gonna show you how to do this. What I do is I make a little trough with my
tongue so that I can hold the wine in my mouth and it’s not going to fall out. And then I suck in some air. This allows me to send all of the aromas that
we talked about up into your nasal passages as you’re tasting the wine. So that you’re able to smell it and taste
it even more. This isn’t something you have to do on every
taste of the wine. But it is something that I find myself doing
especially when I find a particularly delicious wine and I just want to suck out all the goodness
of it. It goes like this. And then you enjoy. It will be kind of like a flavor explosion
in your mouth. Go ahead. Try it. Dini: If you want to know more about what
you’re tasting, then you can get the link up here to my video about body. And my next video is going to be a whole video
about how to describe wine. Dini: Finally, swallow your wine and follow
that flavor to the very last moment. And take a second to relish that experience
of wine. Yes, you can pay attention to what’s called
the length of the wine, which is how long those flavors last in your mouth, which is
an indication of quality. The longer lasting, and persistent, and complex
they are, the more complex the wine is. But also don’t forget to take a moment to
pause and to appreciate and enjoy. Dini: Now if you want to practice these wine
tasting steps, go ahead and get the link below to that cheat sheet that I was telling you
guys about. The wine chart that I made with all of these
steps and also the reasons why we do them so you can remember how to really appreciate
and enjoy your wine. If you enjoyed this video, then give it a
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glass of wine? Cheers!


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