Wine Tasting with Concept Fine Wines

I’m Mark Chapman, I run Concept Fine Wines. I wanted to give you a brief introduction to the company but because I can’t do that in a dry format I’ve also got some wines to try to taste today. I’ve got a classic Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a red grape variety that’s a little bit different from Argentina. I set Concept Fine Wines up in 2008 with the aim of dealing with small vineyards not commercial vineyards not found on the high street. Small vineyards that are more interested in producing a quality wine. A lot of them are run by family’s, some are organic, either practicing or certified. But they care about the wine they produce they don’t produce mass commercial product they care about the quality and the quantity that they produce. I mentioned New Zealand and Sauvignon Blanc earlier and this one I’ve got in my hand. A classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough which is north of the south island we’re gonna taste this now and what you want from a great Sauvignon Blanc its freshness lots of fruit and it’s just a really nice easy drinking wine and it’s very exotic on the nose lots of fruit elderflower passion fruit grapefruit, oh how good is that! It’s just giving it everything you want. You got lots of fruit fruits coming through the acidity’s coming through, just delicious, a perfect wine not only for summer but all year round and it’s great with food. And what you want with food with this you’d want shellfish go perfect with shellfish or even goat’s cheese classic food pairing it’s goat’s cheese and Sauvignon Blanc and this would work perfectly. The other wine I mention that I brought earlier is this red. It’s from Argentina and it’s something slightly different. A lot of red wine now from argentina is a Malbec. That’s what people associate with it. But this is a great variety called Bonarda. Something slightly different from Mendoza which is the main region in Argentina and accounts for about three-quarters of their wine. Originally it herold’s from northern Italy. Slight conjecture as to exactly where but I’d say Piedmont on in northern Italy But now there is a lot more of this planted in Argentina. It just offers something different and we’re going to taste this now. There’s lovely red fruits on the nose to really delicate, not overpowering, but there’s lots of flavour coming through. And on the pallet it’s just so easy drinking so velvety so smooth there’s lots of red fruits there. A little touch of fig possibly and this wine gets about three months in oak barrels there’s a little bit of oak but it’s not overpowering and not overwhelming. It’s just all very balanced, very smooth and thats just delicious. And for food I would, I mean it’s perfect for something like a wild mushrooms risotto vegetables or even pasta with a tomato sauce. This would work absolutely wonderful and it just offer something slightly different. On the retail side of things everything can be done online by telephone by email. It setup so it’s simple with no minimum order and the company sends wine all around the country. As well as offering other services such as a newsletter, a gift service and a wine club. My company runs wine-tasting events these are set up for whether you’ve got a group of friends together, a group work colleagues and they can be done with wine, wine and cheese, whiskey and as a professionally trained barista also coffee tasting events. So if the idea of an evening or an afternoon with wine, some wine and cheese, coffee and finishing with the dram of Scotland’s finest might be of interest to you your friends or your clients then please do get in touch.

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